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Comment Re:Sheeva Plug (Score 1) 697

I have this and it is absolutely wonderful.

It has an internal SATA port with power where you can directly plug-in 2.5" HDD though you will have to provide a fan or some other mean for cooling the HDD, as the convection alone is not enough. I've solved this as I powered a fan from one of the many USB ports and positioned it over the HDD. I've installed Ubuntu ARM port on the 512MB raw flash device on top of a very clever filesystem called UbiFS. You can also install it on the HDD or on USB storage.

I get around 30-40MB/s read speed over NFS (5400RPM, Seagate 500GB). I run rtorrent on the box and I get around 2.7~3.0MB/s download speed. I gues with a 7200RPM HDD and NOT using PPPoE for your Internet connection, you can get even better speeds.

Comment Re:Something I've considered... (Score 1) 505

I'm not trying to be a troll here, this is an honest question. I'm not from the United States, nor I live there, but I never got why exactly is a SSN supposed to be secret, is it possible to do identity theft with only the SSN alone? Here in Mexico we have a ton of personal identification numbers (RFC, CURP, IFE number, Passport, Drivers License, Military Service, Social Security, Professional Certificate, etc) and none of them is really supposed to be secret, I don't get why people from the USA a secret number that you're not supposed to divulge, yet you need to give up for reasons like cable TV contracts and there's chaos when something like a database of SSN got leaked .

Well I'm also not from the US, but here is my understanding.

The first problem is the lack of national ID, which means that there is no way to uniquely identify a person on national scale in the US. Then comes the SSN which was designed to be PRIVATE, a side effect is that it is UNIQUE. Global businesses need to uniquely identify their customers on global scale, but because of the lack of other unique identifier (like the unique citizen number in my country), they began to use SSN as such. At the same time other businesses such as Credit Card Companies and Banks rely on the SSN to be a secret, so you can order a credit card remotely only by telling them your SSN.

This is the main problem - there are too much functions that are forced on a single identifier. If you had a national ID your national ID would be unique but not necessarily a secret so you can give it to whoever wants it. It is like a unique nick name of yours. At the same time it should not be possible to gain access to your financial info just by knowing your national ID number.

Comment Re:Almost everyone? (Score 1) 167

... the study could've equally found that only a small percentage of players clustered and the majority were radically different from each other.

Now that would be quite impossible with this type of game. There is a very limited number of decent strategies to reach the goal. With popular title (I guess) as Tomb Raider you would need several millions "radically different" strategies.

Comment Re:Vaporware (Score 1) 1006

The Volt's engine is not running at full power all the time. Beside that a large part of the energy consumed by the engine during acceleration is reclaimed via the regenerative braking. According to this it will have 16kWh battery which means a 1.5 kW heater will draw 10% of the battery life every hour. Unlike the engine it will have to work at full power all the time, because although smaller than a room cars have very poor thermal insulation and it will get cold the moment you stop the heater.

Converting electricity directly to heat is extremely inefficient, so during winter it will actually make more sense to run the gasoline engine, because the "waste heat" would be actually used then.

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