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Comment Re:Netbooks are gone? (Score 5, Insightful) 240

The problem is that a tablet/phablet is not a decent productivity tool. It's great for media consumption and maybe social media, but lousy for real work. The tools aren't right, the multitasking really isn't right, and most of the bluetooth keyboards are pretty inadequate.

I have an old Acer netbook, circa 2009, that still works well and I'm much more productive on that than I am on my much more expensive tablet.

Comment Re:Outdated?? What!? (Score 2) 60

Heh. I once worked at a place where a project manager thought (correctly) that IBM was doing a poor job as systems integrator, so he brought in Oracle instead. They shipped in their busload of IROCs (idiots right outta college) and things got worse and worse until finally the project was ended and declared a success by senior management.

Comment Re: Didn't some country do this? (Score 1) 88

If you have a level of support that allows you to speak to the developer(s) directly and get direct answers and assistance, obviously that's worth a lot. That sounds like a high tier of support at presumably a matching price ... as you might reasonably expect.

But the support fora for FOSS products very often have the developer(s) as participants. Is it just as good as a direct phone line? Of course not, and there are no guarantees (something important to some businesses). But it seems to work out pretty well.

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