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Comment Re:Nice to hear they hear us (Score 1) 2219

Sorry if I came off harsh. I find the corporate-speak about the beta maddening, condescending and disingenuous - maybe I'm overreacting but it's based on my previous run-ins with corporate machines.

With regard to the new look....

Astoundingly, I have a My Yahoo page that I've had as my browser home page since way back in the 20th century. Now that they switched to the huge text and tons of empty space look, it's ugly and painful to use. Whereas before I could see all the headlines, stock quotes, weather, etc that I cared about, now I need to scroll through three or four screens of huge text. I'm looking for a replacement.

Comment Re:Just be honest - it's not for *US* (Score 1) 2219

Beta has too much whitespace, it looks Fisher-Pricey to me, the comment/text column is too narrow, the boxes around the comments are distracting. It also doesn't display 100% correctly because I set Firefox to ignore the site-suggested font and use Droid Sans instead. Net effect is some weird characters that are probably a clickable something or other. The classic site looks fine and will look fine 4 years from now. Fix the bugs everyone is talking about and all will be good. The old maxim always applies - just because you can doesn't mean you should.

Comment Re:Train the kids in valuable skills (Score 1) 271

Hahahahahahaha, funny. So, that means that big business leans liberal??? Hahahahahahahaha

You're funny and your political bias is showing, and in this case, it's misdirected and pointless. H1B is all about firing US residents and citizens and ALL about importing cheap labor from countries where a salary of $20,000 per year is a king's ransom.

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