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Comment Re:More proof that win 10 is malware (Score 5, Interesting) 171

Microsoft seems to arrogantly double down on everything people hate in Windows 10. Even if it was a great OS with awesome features and stellar usability (that's "if") I wouldn't want to use it at this point.

Sorry, but I prefer to, you know, own my own computer.

To be fair, though, smartphones and tablets are probably as bad or worse. Can we trust Android? iOS? Tell another joke.

Comment Re: Zuckerberg (Score 1) 284

I do have to say (though somewhat going off topic) that as a haole myself, I've only very seldom experienced prejudice. Maybe it's because I try to be respectful and don't have an attitude. I realize that even though I've been in Hawai`i for some years now, I'm really something of a guest in someone else's back yard ... and always will be.

Certainly, there are some here that will hate me just as a matter of principle. But I've found that to be surprisingly rare and not much of a problem.

Now, if you come here with an attitude, and think that Hawai`i ought to be some sort of tropical extension of the mainland, and think you're some sort of superior person with the right to look down on the "natives" then you're asking for it.

Comment Re:Zuckerberg (Score 5, Informative) 284

More interesting is probably the term that Native Hawaiians are using to describe him, which would be "haole".

Well, he is haole. The meaning of the word in the Hawaiian language is really "foreigner" but in common talk here, it has come to be a sometimes derisive term for a Caucasian. It can be, but is certainly not necessarily, racist or derogatory, and it isn't either of those in the true Hawaiian meaning of the word.

The Zuckerberg development was the lead front page story in today's Star Advertiser (our local Honolulu newspaper). It seemed to be to be presented in a negative light, as in, here goes another rich haole from the mainland grabbing Native Hawaiian land. It's easy to see it that way but in Hawai`i hardly anything is simple or straightforward, and I'm reserving judgment until I learn more about it, though siding with Zuckerberg would be pretty distasteful.

Comment Re:Hard to believe (Score 1) 33

I've had luck hosting my website with them for a good 15 years. Of course I don't do ecommerce and my needs aren't super complex. Their prices have been okay and I've had very little site downtime.

If you need help, though .... well ... I'm glad I've not needed to call them more than about twice in all that time.

Comment Re:Sound and fury (Score 1) 336

Apple is selling tons of iPhone 7 units

Apple would sell tons of iPhone x units even if they were just an empty shell, as long as they were deemed "super cool" by the Apple crowd.

And actually, this is not so much a criticism as it is a salute to Apple marketing. They have built a base of incredibly loyal fans who will buy any Apple product at any price. This may well be unique in the history of business.

Comment Re:No one cares (Score 1) 531

I don't understand your response. The maps you reference show about what I said, big Hillary margins on the coasts (and some metropolis cities), Trump getting the in-between territory.

Your politico quote is misquoted --- it says Trump is now more popular than ever (that surprises me too but there you have it).

And I hardly claimed a Trump landslide --- it certainly wasn't. But he did win, and the explanation for that doesn't seem overly complex.

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