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Comment Re:And I don't have a single one of these installe (Score 1) 35

What's really fascinating in a disheartening way is that an emoji app is at the top of the list. It says a lot about "smart" phone/device users, at least on a collective basis.

I'm glad I'm not so shallow, and use my smartphone for serious and productive purposes, like playing card games.

Comment Re:Wonder why (Score 2) 191

Sure there are trade-offs between living in the greater metropolitan/urban areas, you have to decide about your lifestyle and what suits it best.

This is precisely the point. It's a decision made up of various factors and the answers depend upon the circumstances and desires of the individuals involved.

I've lived both styles (urban and suburban). They both have advantages and disadvantages. Right now, as a retiree, urban suits me because we don't need or want a large footprint and we don't want to be driving into town for most of the things that we need and want to do. When we had a houseful of kids, it was a different equation with different variables.

Comment Re:Uh.... what? (Score 1) 188

That's sort of a corollary to this.

"List every place you've ever lived from birth to the present. Give complete address details including apartment numbers, postal codes, and exact starting and ending dates specifying month, day, and year. In each case, state your reason for moving. There may be no gaps in the dates. Write legibly and clearly."

And of course, the space for listing this is about a half inch tall.

Comment Re:Netbooks are gone? (Score 5, Insightful) 242

The problem is that a tablet/phablet is not a decent productivity tool. It's great for media consumption and maybe social media, but lousy for real work. The tools aren't right, the multitasking really isn't right, and most of the bluetooth keyboards are pretty inadequate.

I have an old Acer netbook, circa 2009, that still works well and I'm much more productive on that than I am on my much more expensive tablet.

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