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Submission + - Barclays Downgrades Electric Utility Bonds Due to Solar Competition (

hawkeyeMI writes: Barclays this week downgrades the entire electric sector of the U.S. high-grade corporate bond market to underweight, saying it sees long-term challenges to electric utilities from solar energy, and that the electric sector of the bond market isn’t pricing in these challenges right now. It’s a noteworthy downgrade since electric utilities which make up nearly 7.5% of Barclays’ U.S. Corporate Index by market value.

Submission + - Big Bro series: You CAN'T delete a skype account... ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: I've just moved my business operations to a new company and thought it made perfect sense to inform my contacts about it before deactivating or deleting my skype account after a few years. The core of my new activity is developing a competitor to the skype protocol so being associated with their brand might potentially harm my new endeavors. So I started to browse around but to my surprise there's NO way as their support page clearly explains: where they explain that "unfortunately" you can't. Now, that word "unfortunately" sounds more like mockery to me than anything else and how is it even possible they can lawfully get away with it? Would resort to legal action a viable option? I want and need to get out of their system / search directory. What is a slashdotter supposed to do here?

Submission + - Valve Steam for Linux Beta Survey (

hawkeyeMI writes: "Valve has moved one step closer to releasing Steam for Linux, and they want beta testers that have a lot of experience with Linux. Knowing Slashdot, many of you probably fit the bill. So, if you'd like to try to get into the beta, go fill out the survey! You will need a Steam account to do so."

Submission + - OCZ Technology: From SSDs to Layoffs ( 8

An anonymous reader writes: Once upon a time between 2004-2006, OCZ was a well-known manufacturer of high-end memory components and power supply units that sold under the motto "Founded by Enthusiasts, for Enthusiasts". During the peak economy in 2007, OCZ Technology CEO Ryan Petersen proved his devotion to enthusiasts by purchasing PC Power & Cooling (May 2007), swiftly followed by elite system-builder Hypersonic PC (October 2007). Through the years that followed, OCZ's brand name would successfully sell NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards, overclocker heatsinks, premium thermal pastes, hardcore gaming peripherals, and even a mind-controlled Neural Impulse Actuator (NIA). On March 2008, OCZ Technology revealed the industry's first consumer Solid State Drive — the apex of their dedication towards high-performance computer hardware enthusiasts. The future looked so very bright, until stock value became the mission. As of 26 October 2012, many of the great minds behind OCZ's enthusiast movement were without work.

Submission + - Neal Stephenson Talks REAMDE With Lawyers (

An anonymous reader writes: From Cory Doctorow over at Boing-Boing:

'Here's a video from a recent U Washington Law School panel discussion with Neal Stephenson regarding his video-game crime-thriller REAMDE. The law school assembled cyber lawyers, security experts from the computer science department, and Stephenson himself, and discussed the real-world implications for the sorts of business, technology, security and crime described in the (excellent) book.'

Submission + - Holographic human heads used by DJ in live show (

Lanxon writes: Director Chris Cairns to his short 'Neurosonics' film — which features disembodied heads mounted on a selection of instruments — into a live performance that's just as jaw-dropping as the original, reports Wired. The director originally created the 'Neurosonics Audiomedical Labs' film back in 2009. It's set in a lab, and depicts three scientists mounting a number of different heads onto turntables and drum sets before playing them like real instruments. The original video was created with plenty of CGI, so shifting it into a live setting was always going to prove troublesome. To bridge the gap between the virtual and the physical, Cairns enlisted the assistance of holographic projection experts Musion. The company set up the performance for the first Musion Academy Media Awards — which exist to recognise the most impressive holographic creations — and the result is truly impressive.

Submission + - Measuring the impact of The Simpsons (

An anonymous reader writes: In a new book The Simpsons: An Uncensored, Unauthorized History by John Ortved says: I don't think there is a force in culture that has penetrated as widely or deeply as The Simpsons have. I think if you're in your late 20s or 30s or around it, there's some DNA in the way you speak, in the way you construct your story. It doesn't matter if you're writing a story or giving a speech in a boardroom, there's some sense of irony in your sense of storytelling that has been shaped to some degree by The Simpsons.

Submission + - Apple iPhoto Faces = One Hot CPU (

Zebulah writes: Apple iPhoto's much lauded Faces feature is wreaking havoc on performance for many users. It doesn't function and will hog as much CPU as it can get a hold of. Laptop users can tell when iPhoto is open by the temperature of their privates. The current theory is that Faces goes into a death spiral when it comes across any MJPEG movies in a user's library. While there are plenty of people complaining on the Apple boards, the general thinking is that this is probably having an effect on many users who don't even realize it is happening. Coming soon after the reported problems with Flash on the new iMacs, one has to wonder if this is a trend.

Submission + - Singularity Summit Videos Now Available ( 2

zerosomething writes: Videos from the October Singularity Summit 2009 have finally been posted for those of us unable to attend. Speakers include the usual suspects Peter Thiel and Ray Kurzweil plus other well know thinkers like Abubery de Grey and Stephen Wolfram and a host of other apparently intelligent people. What ever you may think of the truth or myth of smarter than man technology there are a number of big names working to pave the way.

Submission + - Setting up Exchange 2007

JIgger01 writes: I am charged with setting up exchange 2007 on our server. I was wondering if any Slashdotter's could recommend some books to pick-up to help guide me. I have never dealt with exchange before and have some basic knowledge of server administration. Some info on the set-up as well is we currently are remote hosted on our ISP's mail server and want to have exchange just pull from that smtp to the exchange server. Much appreciate any help.

Submission + - Origin of Species to be given for free, with FUD ( 1

PhrostyMcByte writes: "November 24th will mark the 150th anniversary of Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species, the pivotal work that helped bring the theory of evolution through natural selection into popularity. Around this same time, Growing Pains star Kirk Cameron is spearheading a plan to pass out 50,000 free copies at universities around the country. The catch? Each copy will be altered to include creationist propaganda and FUD targeting evolution and Darwin himself."

Submission + - How Do You Evaluate a Data Center?

mpapet writes: Beyond the simpler questions of physical access control, connectivity, and power redundancy/capacity and SLA review, what other questions are important to ask when evaluating a data center?

Submission + - Murdoch to explore blocking Google searches 1

An anonymous reader writes: Rupert Murdoch elaborated on the direction he would take in an effort to monetize content his websites deliver by attempting to block much of Google's ability to scan and index his news sites.

Also from the article:

Murdoch believes that search engines cannot legally use headlines and paragraphs of news stories as search results.

"There's a doctrine called 'fair use', which we believe to be challenged in the courts and would bar it altogether," Mr Murdoch told the TV channel. "But we'll take that slowly."

Submission + - Memory maker to sell films on Flash â Registe (

tugfoigel writes: Memory specialist Kingston Technology is to sell movies on memory cards.

In a deal announced with Paramount last night, the company will pre-load the cards with full-length films.

The devil will surely be in the detail, and that's probably why neither Kingston nor Paramount provided any. Which movies will be included? When will they be included? The partners weren't saying.

They did hint that the films will come on both USB and SD cards. Some movies will be bundled with the storage — buy this SD card and get a free film — others will be offered for sale as content that happens to come on Flash rather than disc.

It wasn't revealed what format the content will use, whether it will be DRM-protected, or whether it will come in standard definition of HD.

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