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Comment Re:No, that's not what the court ruled. (Score 1) 309

I didn't write that carefully enough. I also didn't read the parent closely enough. I meant they would have expected their IP was not publicly exposed. I think was really responding more to a comment on the parent post than on the parent post itself. My bad. Been a long day.

Comment Re:Smart guns are a dumb idea (Score 4, Insightful) 555

You're conflating a bunch of different issues.

First, police already use level 2 or level 3 retention holsters. They should also have retention training. Yes, sometimes their guns still are grabbed, but it is it enough of a problem to mandate so-called smart guns for all? That's the end-game here as New Jersey's law has shown.

As for cars, you're mixing improved crash resilience and collision detection systems (while it makes sense that they help I've seen no actual data on it) with all sorts of entertainment electronics and sensor information merely being relayed to the driver.

As I said, there are plenty of ways to secure guns in place, even biometric locks. Once the gun is unlocked and holstered, though, I want it to fire every time I pull the trigger. Regardless of which hand I hold it with. Regardless of whether some accessory device is present and functional. Without the need for a battery.

People sell, trade, or make safe queens out of any gun that won't function reliably intended for defensive use. For some people one malfunction in 2000 trigger pulls is too much. It's unnecessary to add extra points of failure.

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