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Submission + - Volkswagen Boss blames Software Engineers for scandal (

hattig writes: Today VW's Michael Horn is testifying to Congress. A choice quote — "It's the decision of a couple of software engineers, not the board members," says VW US chief Michael Horn to Congress.

In addition, 530,000 cars in the US will need to be recalled for significant engine modifications, rather than a software fix. Only 80,000 Passats are eligible for the software fix. There is no word on the effects these modifications will have on the cars' performance, fuel consumption, etc.

Submission + - Electroluminescent plastic bulbs to replace CCFLs? (

hattig writes: US researchers say they have developed a new type of lighting that could replace fluorescent bulbs. The new light source is called field-induced polymer electroluminescent (Fipel) technology. It is made from three layers of white-emitting polymer that contain a small volume of nanomaterials that glow when electric current is passed through them. The developer is promising cheap, hard-to-break, mercury-free, highly efficient bulbs from 2013.

Submission + - Sharp Develops Five-Primary-Color LCD

hattig writes: Sharp Corporation has developed a five-primary-color display that faithfully reproduces the real surface colors that humans are capable of perceiving. By adding Cyan and Yellow subpixels to the existing Red, Green and Blue, the display can reproduce more than 99% of real surface colors, including colors that have been difficult to render using conventional LCD monitors — for example the color of the sea (emerald blue), brass instruments (golden yellow), and roses (crimson red). Side effects include greater energy savings over conventional LCDs. I imagine that such a combination of primary colors could also be applied to other display technologies such as OLED in the future.

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