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Comment Re:Assumption (Score 1) 105

An old (as updated apps have mandated a 64-bit binary alongside the 32-bit one for a while now) 32-bit app would still work if the OS supported 32-bit apps.

Therefore, logically, support for 32-bit-only apps is going. This may be an iOS 11 thing, or it may be an Apple A11 thing (remove AArch32 support in hardware).

It's likely an OS thing - maintaining two sets of OS APIs must have quite some overhead, when there are so many.

Comment Re:Remote work is validated once again. (Score 1) 147

Yeah, for my WfH days I don't deliberately work more hours (I may make up some if I had to leave work earlier on other days), although having a child I have to take to school removes that 'Wake up 5 minutes before the morning stand-up call' temptation.

I may end up working more hours just because it's a better environment to get work done, or I decide to have a 2 hour nap in the middle of the day.

Comment Re:Remote work is validated once again. (Score 1) 147

I think an expectation of remote work ability (at least after a couple of months or so of joining) should be an expectation for anyone looking to move company these days. Especially if you have children it gives you the necessary flexibility to cope with the situation. For most it would be 2 or 3 times a week, face to face time may still be important/necessary for some to retain humanity .

The last thing I would want to do is sit in a car in a traffic jam daily. Luckily I've avoided that throughout my career so far (admittedly this is easier in the UK/London than the US, but OTOH I have Southern Rail to contend with).

Comment Re:Work and cars (Score 1) 147

TBH pretty much the only exercise I get is the walk to and from the train station for work (at both ends). Which luckily probably totals over three miles a day, and it's an enforced routine.

Problem is, work has recently started an aggressive Working from Home culture (well, 2 or 3 days a week). Guess how much I walk on those days... sure, I eat better, but that's about it. "Bed -> Desk (via Kitchen for coffee/lunch/dinner) -> Sofa -> Bed" isn't the greatest daily routine. Saves a decent amount of time and money though (especially when you factor in work lunch and occasional beers).

Comment Re:When are we going optical? (Score 1) 192

I guess at some point HDMI will have to break compatibility with the form factor. Maybe for 16K120? However the reasonably sized, standard, non-changing, form factor is one of the selling points.

So it makes sense to go optical then for the main data stream, although the temptation for them to push copper further will be very high. Look at USB 3 - I remember way back that they were thinking of optical USB as the future, and it turned into merely having even more standard I/Os.

Comment Re:Yet another standard (Score 1) 192

The only thing still missing from HDMI is power to drive HDMI attached media dongles. Maybe with HDMI 3.0 ...

Still, modern TVs have enough USB ports these days to power a couple of these, or you can get single socket multi-usb adapters.

A *consumer* 48Gbps cable is a pretty damn amazing creation, especially being backward / forward compatible with old ports / old cables.

Comment Unexciting, uninteresting shed (Score 1) 303

I would recommend building a 20000ft^2 subterranean anti-methhead-bunker 100ft under ground. This will also allow you to survive Trump.

Install a lift up into a hidden room inside a non-descript looking shed. Obviously the lift will only work via DNA verification anyway.

You should fill the bunker with snakes, scorpions and taratulas, apart from your work area (6x6 ft), this will dissuade people who have cloned you to get into the lift.

As for the work area, I recommend a bulletproof chair that enconses your body as you work.

Comment Re:How Will this Affect... (Score 1) 253

Cost of production in the pharmaceutical industry has no correlation with the sale price.

This will be sold initially for billions per treatment. Then hundreds of millions. Then tens of millions.

Beneath this, it absolutely will have to make up for the loss of income from other age-related medications and treatments that this would kill, especially if it was available to all. Otherwise it would be an effective way for social governments to deal with the high medical cost of retirement aged people - eradicate the getting old part.

Comment Re:Things to solve (Score 1) 253

As I wrote elsewhere - immortals will spend their days evading capture by hunter-killer terminator robots.

Nah, best bet is that at 150 you go into clinic for your next rejuvenation treatment unaware of the following intents: you're tranquilised, and then fed into 'the machine' (industrial grinder / furnace). Even better, make it religious, so they queue up for the machine. Sadly some upstart will likely find out and ruin it for everyone else.

I just know that I'll have 40000 project that I've put off for another day that I suddenly feel motivated to finish around that time. Typical.

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