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Comment Re:Obama has no right to do this (Score 1) 172

Well, if it's any comfort, there are several Republican Senators asking the same question. But really, whether you trust Obama or not, he was elected by the same rules that will put Trump in the White House. In other words, he has the legitimate constitutional authority to order such an investigation. Your trust in it is irrelevant.

Comment Re:Hillary Lost Because of Her (Score 1) 172

For now the bulk of Trump's die hard supporters will continue cheering for him as he breaks promise after promise. The Rust Belt voters didn't vote for him for anything he said, he was indeed their version of a Brexit vote, a way of sticking to the elites real and perceived. I doubt many voters in these areas hold any illusions as to his capabilities.

What will be interesting isn't four years of Trump's "Twitter presidency", it will be how the Democrats respond, because in all likelihood, a man of Trump's age is unlikely to be seeking a second term, so it will be another non-incumbent election. Will they be able to find an answer to Trump?

Comment Re:Obama has no right to do this (Score 5, Insightful) 172

1. Not ousted, merely at the end of his second and final term (and one wonders if the 22nd Amendment didn't exist if the election might have been rather different).
2. He's still the lawful and constitutional POTUS until January, so he has ever right to order such a review.
3. Why are Trump supporters so nervous of investigations and recounts? It almost seems like they think there's something to hide.

Comment Re:Well... (Score 1) 110

No, what he is referring to is that you get into a command shell, you can invoke an unsigned PowerShell script with PowerShell.exe -file. But that's not much different than source in bash.

But it's hard to imagine a social engineering attack that would get a user to download a file and then get them into a CLI session to override execute flags or signing to invoke the script file.

Comment Re:Not that big a leap (but I doubt OOP @ times) (Score 1) 110

This is one of the reasons micro kernels have a much more manageable security model. The problem being microkernels have some performance penalties that, at least in previous generations of CPUs, lead most OS developers to work in monolithic or mixed models. Yes, there are user space device drivers, so there has been a lot of work done to move device drivers a lot further away from Ring 0 and Ring 1, but even this simply makes monolithic kernels even more complex, and complexity is always the enemy of security.

Comment Re:(bash|sh|ksh|zsh) && !PowerShell (Score 1) 110

The kinds of vulnerabilities that PowerShell suffers would be suffered by any operating system that has a fairly comprehensive scripting language. The issue simply is if you can automate OS functions like creating, altering or deleting files and other system resources, someone can write a malicious script that, if run even in an non-super user context, can wreak havoc, but if run in a super user or similar higher access context can lead to enormous damage or to compromised systems. There are ways to mitigate this for both Windows and *nix, but more often than not you have to be proactive about it.

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