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Comment Ask yourself, what would RMS do? (Score 3, Interesting) 224

Ok, he'd chew his hair and wax poetic. We know that already, but what would the poem say?.

I suspect it'd say: I'm sorry, but CSS very much is code. Not in the sense true languages are like C++, Python and PHP are. Ok, I'm not so sure that PHP qualifies. But anyway, the reason that even so piddly not-real-languages are part of the code is that it's nearly impossible to use the real code with the underlying CSS underpinnings that, actually, pin the boxes to the right place on the screen. Go ahead, take some huge news site, remove the CSS from it and see if you can still use it. I bet you can't. It frequently ends up looking like an application that magically put all their widgets rooted at 0,0 in the window. It's useless. Sure, it's all there, but it's useless. Thus, it has to be a rather important part of the "code". It takes both the output of the underlying framework langue and the CSS to make the result usable. Otherwise it's like compiling C-code into assembly, but for the wrong chip.

I'm quite sure this violates the principal of the GPL. I'm not sure about the letter of the law, since IANAL. But it sure smells like a GPLv4 is ripe for the picking.

Comment N9 or N900 -- full *nix (Score 5, Insightful) 197

The N9 is a wonderful phone, can certainly be scripted (I ssh into mine all the time to do things), but lacks a physical keyboard. The onscreen one is great, but because it takes half the screen it makes the shell-window smaller. (really, you might want an N950, but those "don't exist" and getting one is difficult, plus the antenna issues make it less useful as a real phone).

The N900, now hard to locate, has a great screen, a great keyboard and is the predecessor to the N9. But they have a known issue with the USB port breaking over time, so if you do actually succeed in finding one to buy don't expect it to last forever and ever. But this is 2000+ where things aren't expected to last longer than a few years.


Comment A better choice: QML (Score 1) 355

The QML language is amazingly simple to learn and contains javascript snippets to drive the complex stuff. It has much better concepts of variable bindings than HTML/Javascript alone and is significantly faster (and runs on pretty much everything).

I recently taught a child QML and had her create a Mahjong game for her mother in a couple of weeks. I did some of the harder javascript logic, but she did most of the entire game from scratch. Oh, and she learned git in the process and the concept of simultanious development during the portions I was working on the javascript to create the game board structure (she had to tell me the algorithm though).

side note: she would have done the harder code too, but we were short on time for the present to get delivered

Comment Re:And how can I use it on my BIND server? (Score 1) 165

True, though it's not a transcript: it's a very different set of text. I don't think transcripts are useful because they're designed around a video. The web page, on the other hand, is a tutorial that is independent of the video.

Side note: the video describes other tools as well, not just zonesigner. The web page only has zonesigner on it (though you could go find the similar pages for donuts, lsdnssec, etc, that the video shows)

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