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Comment Re:Ha-Ha! (Score 1) 277

I use linux on my servers, on vms, even on a few desktops. But on my primary system, I run windows, because I like to play games as well. Having bash built in allows me to manage my files in the way I'm most familiar with, and also means i don't have to use PuTTY or a VM for SSH sessions to all the other systems I manage. It isn't perfect, but it's a damn sight better than having to learn powershell.

Comment Re:Shut up Gary Cook (Score 1) 84

Most people are tired of the fact that almost every year in the last 20 has been significantly above average, and there's no indication that that's going to change unless we start fixing out damage. https://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/sotc... So yeah, a lot of us care, and that caring adjusts our buying decisions. Power draw is one of the biggest considerations when buying new stuff, for me.

Comment Re:PLEASE...make a sports car again!! (Score 1) 247

The S4 is cheaper, but more practical? The model S seats 7 has a trunk up front, and gets an equivalent to 93 mpg in electricity cost, if you're not using a supercharger. But I agree with you, the acceleration is fine for daily driving on an S4, was just pointing out that the Tesla is in hypercar territory, not family-hauler territory.

Comment Re:Illusions (Score 5, Insightful) 177

Yeah, like this car that crashed into a painted tunnel scene: https://i.imgur.com/mOTHgnfl.j... People make mistakes. Machines make mistakes, because people made the machines. It's good to improve the machines through testing like this, but let's be honest: the time when the machine is the better driver is fast approaching, especially considering the number of distracted drivers there are on the road.

Comment Re: bunch of lazy sobs (Score 3, Insightful) 274

When I moved to working from home, I became more productive. If you suck at self management, I suppose there would be a problem, but I don't. My boss tells me that I regularly turn out 1.5x to 2x what he expects from any employee, and some weeks 3x, and I very rarely put in more than 40 hrs/wk. I'm approachable to all my coworkers, so they can still use me as a resource. They just message me in jabber, and then I either answer them there, on the phone, on a video call, or with a screen share depending on what makes sense, but it doesn't break my train of thought the way someone walking up does. I wouldn't go back to working in an office unless I had no choice. I don't like unnecessarily wasting my time in a car, risking my life on the drive, wasting my company's time on idle chatter, wasting my money on lunch out or more of my time on packing one. I like actually getting to see my kids grow up, and being able to support my autistic son in therapy. And I like being the best at my job. All of that means I work from home.

Comment Re:So when are they making something we can AFFORD (Score 1) 323

The primary ingredient, Lithium, is only about 4x as expensive as pure iron. It's not actually all that expensive. You're totally right, though, I'm sure that Tesla will die as soon as we have an economic downturn, like the one we've been in since the company launched.

I'm afraid that the limited market for the resources and the batteries will not make it feasible to ever mass produce cheap batteries.

So are most automotive executives, and most investors, which is why it hasn't happened. It takes someone with the vision *and* the capital to make a revolution happen.

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