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Comment Re:The whine of the flyback transformer (Score 1) 790

Thank you for your advice. The problem is that I want a nice monitor to show the eyecandy in games and to be responsive at the same time. Reviews are helpful but they compare only lcd-s with each other. I could try to see the difference when I am in the shop but I can only tell the difference when it is sitting on my desk with the same lighting, right beer and right pr0n. I guess it has gone a long way since 931c so maybe I hit the right one this time.

Comment Re:The whine of the flyback transformer (Score 1) 790

"CRTs haven't outperformed common LCDs for about 5-10 years" I believed the same marketing. About 5 years ago I bought the Samsung 931C, because it was marketed to be good in representing colors and also with sharpness. It was good compared to other LCD-s but it's backlighting went poop lately so I picked up my old CRT and it deffinetly outperforms it with the representation of colors. I don't know when the 931c was exactly released but it was 5-10 years in your text, wasn't it. The 19 inch on that LCD was bigger than the 19 inch on the CRT for some reason though.

Comment Re:Helicoptor (Score 1) 151

1. Most of the flying cars listed seem to have rather flimsy wheels, so I don't think they would be allowed to drive in traffic. The better their land vehicle capabilities the more plane like they seem to be, but then they are just like planes. You could attach some sort of flimsy wheels to a helicopter so it would be a flying car, and I guess they would be good for driving it around to find a spot in underground parking area.
2. Is the danger area thing really necessary for defining whether it is a flying car or not? I mean it could be that the heliport thing is used for landing, but it can then find a smaller spot somewhere else just as long as it fits side by side with others. For landing, probably any flying vehicle needs a larger area because things sometimes don't work out with that much of a pinpoint accuracy when landing.

Comment Re:fMRI? (Score 1) 52

"The procedure is similar to MRI but uses the change in magnetization between oxygen-rich and oxygen-poor blood as its basic measure."- so now think about it. Yes it could find false positives in dead fish brain, but it is still a good way to acquire information about the brain activity of a living being. Yes I also do know that a damaged brain area also shows abnormally high oxidation but you can just pick the healthy volunteers for this kind of study. It sometimes seems that some people just don't want to understand things.

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