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Journal Journal: The 2016 Hugo convention 1

(Version with photos and without slashdot's patented text borking is at My web log)
I had more fun this weekend than I have in years! Patty and I attended this year’s World Science Fiction Convention in Kansas City.
Patty had said that she would be at my mom’s house in Belleville around one, and I got there a little before.
She got caught in constru

Comment Re: Outsourcing vs Inhouse (Score 1) 221

I once worked on a project, where the customer was quite clear about the requirements, and I created a system that fit the requirements perfectly, and probably better than intended. The problem was, they didn't like how it functioned, even though it did exactly what it was they asked for.

Basically I took a database TXT field that held a date, and converted it to a date field, so they could sort by date. But they didn't want a date field with MM/DD/YYYY (or variation of that format) they just wanted MM/YYYY and the extra DD part was ... too much data entry. They rather MANUALLY sort the data, than have to type two extra characters. I changed it back.

That person left the job, the person who took over the position loved the change, so I re-implemented it. Got paid 3 times for the job. Sometimes, people want change, but don't like it, and refuse to change, even when they want it.

Comment Re:Outsourcing vs Inhouse (Score 1) 221

OR, in our case, spend $150K on "Consultants" to review and document our department's recommendation and put it in a TPS Report that nobody reads. Basically duplicating what our Department recommended, because we are too stupid to know what we are talking about.

You can read some interesting anecdotes of how people get around people who have to add their $.02 worth to every decision, just to seem important.


Comment Re:Outsourcing vs Inhouse (Score 1) 221

I've seen this myself. The "Leaders" who can't make a decision. The ones I've seen, are trying to avoid responsibility for decisions, and passing those off to an "unknown" committee, they can't be held responsible for the bad decisions because ... they didn't make that decision. OR worse, wait for the last possible moment to decide, and find out ... the decision was already made (incorrectly) or it was actually too late to make a difference (fix the dike after it is flooding).

I call it the "Accountability avoidance decision making tree".

As for meetings, this is my view of most of them ...

Comment Re: Outsourcing vs Inhouse (Score 2) 221

'nobody working for the govrnment has any talent'

I am a libertarian. I would not say "nobody" (an absolute) has talent. That being said, you make a strong strawman argument!

I am convinced, that that there are enough incompetent or evil people in government that it makes it impossible to dodge all the raindrops. The problem with Government Employees that suck, that are incompetent, that are evil is that it is virtually impossible to rid them from the system. They exist, they remain, and everyone knows a few that cannot be fired.

The reason you outsource in Government is so you can terminate the incompetent by eliminating the whole staff. Everyone pays the price for the bad. And in that case, it appears that "nobody has talent" because in order to function, you have to fire everyone (absolute) just to rid yourself of those that shouldn't be there in the first place.

Comment Well... (Score 1) 7

That's fine if you only care about yourself. I have a friend (actually an ex-brother in law) who does have kids who shares your opinion.

Personally, I'd like to have the species continue, even though once the Earth dies a natural death by then (4 billion years from now), humans will be less like us than a bonobo.

Comment Successful? (Score 1) 7

I wouldn't call someone who was born into riches and loaned a million dollars interest-free who later declared bankruptcy four times and is being sued for fraud a "successful businessman." Actually, that may be a good thing, look how Bruce Rauner, a truly successful businessman, is totally screwing up Illinois governance. Christ, he's worse than the incompetent Quinn and the two jailed felons who came before him.

You can no more run a government like a business than you can run a business like a government. Just because you can drive an eighteen wheeler doesn't mean you're fit to race a motorcross, or even a Formula One.

The press is anti-Trump because they're not mindless fools.

Comment Outsourcing vs Inhouse (Score 4, Insightful) 221

If you outsource, you get what you pay for .. maybe.

If you keep it in house, you get what you pay for .. maybe.

The problem isn't outsourcing, it is leadership that is incapable of articulating needs correctly. Or even make a decision without having to have 18 meetings with people who don't give a rip and don't know anything.

Comment Re:Pile it on.. (Score 2, Insightful) 290

It is actually worse than this. It is like when Hillary said that all rape victims deserve to be believed, and then was asked about Bill's Alleged Victims ....

The hypocrisy is astounding. There is clear pandering to black people in the DNC, and it is revealed repeatedly in their email scandal. Things everyone already knows, but nobody really cares about. BLM protests in Milwaukee prove that it isn't about "white cops shooting unarmed black men" because the victim was a criminal, with a stolen gun, shot by a black cop, but somehow saying that makes me a "Racist" because I don't follow the narrative that the left wants to portray.

Compare and contrast what happened in "racist Texas" during the dallas shooting there, and the black guy with the riffle who DIDN'T get shot, even though a black guy with a rifle was shooting cops.

So, the cries of "racism" over every incident, regardless of the races involved, make it harder and harder to listen to anyone crying racist. Even when it is legitimate, all those fake claims are ruining it for the real victims. Meanwhile the REAL crimes in places like Chicago go largely ignored by the whole BLM movement, even though the impact is much much more involved.

While I don't doubt there are David Dukes of the world still out there, they are mostly powerless idiots, and nobody but the racebaiters with Rev in their name pay attention to.

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