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Submission + - Judea Pearl, a big brain behind artificial intelligence, wins Turing Award (

alphadogg writes: Judea Pearl, a longtime UCLA professor whose work on artificial intelligence laid the foundation for such inventions as the iPhone’s Siri speech recognition technology and Google’s driverless cars, has been named the 2011 ACM Turing Award winner. The annual Association for Computing Machinery A.M. Turing Award, sometimes called the "Nobel Prize in Computing," recognizes Pearl for his advances in probabilistic and causal reasoning. His work has enabled creation of thinking machines that can cope with uncertainty, making decisions even when answers aren’t black or white.

Submission + - Adrian Lamo Turns in Wikileaks Leaker (

ukemike writes: Army Specialist Bradley Manning confided in convicted cracker Adrian Lamo that he had leaked the infamous video of the American helicopter attack in Baghdad that left 12 people dead, including two employees of the Reuters news agency. Lamo turned Manning in to the FBI. Wired's Threat Level broke the story of the arrest and Lamo's role.

Submission + - "Highly Confidential" Google docs say - Do Evil

pcause writes: The latest documents released by Viacom show that Google knew that Youtube was "completely sustained by pirated content" before Google bought it. Of course, the docs that say this were labeled "highly confidential". I am sure that Google will say this is all old stuff, taken out of context and that they didn't have sex with that woman, Ms, Lewinsky. Sure.

Submission + - Google Launches Public DNS Resolver (

AdmiralXyz writes: Google has announced the launch of their free DNS resolution service, called Google Public DNS. According to their blog post, Google Public DNS uses continuous record prefetching to avoid cache misses- hopefully making the service faster- and implements a variety of techniques to block spoofing attempts. They also say that (unlike an increasing number of ISPs), Google Public DNS behaves exactly according to the DNS standard, and will not redirect you to advertising in the event of a failed lookup. Very cool, but of course there are questions about Google's true motivations behind knowing every site you visit...

Submission + - A proof of life on Mars - at last? (

siddesu writes: Compelling new data that chemical and fossil evidence of ancient microbial life on Mars was carried to Earth in a Martian meteorite is being elevated to a higher plane by the same NASA team which made the initial discovery 13 years ago. Time to bow to our Marsian overlords?

Submission + - New Type of Cloud Discovered ( 3

phantomfive writes: In Iowa and Scotland there are reports of a type of cloud not yet recognized by the World Meteorological Foundation. It seems the cloud does not match any of the clouds in the International Cloud Atlas, and thus there is a campaign underway to have it included. Some have said the clouds look like armageddon has arrived. For me, writing clouds all these times makes me want to eat cotton candy.

Submission + - Passwords for Google, Yahoo and Hotmail leaked (

An anonymous reader writes: Documents seen by CNET UK suggest thousands of usernames and passwords for Hotmail, Google and Yahoo accounts have been illegally posted to the Internet. Login credentials for accounts ending with,,,, and were seen. Users of these services are strongly encouraged to immediately change their passwords.

Submission + - Nvidia fakes Fermi boards at GPU Tech Conference (

fragMasterFlash writes: In a really pathetic display, Nvidia actually faked the introduction of its latest video card, because it simply doesn't have boards to show. Why? Because it didn't get enough parts to properly bring them up, much less make demo boards. Why do we say they are faked? If you look at the pictures, it is painfully obvious that Fermi cards don't exist.

Submission + - BASH 4.0 out, with Readline 6.0 (

An anonymous reader writes: The widely used Bourne Again Shell (BASH), version 4.0 is out. The new major release fixes several remaining bug in the 3.x releases and introduce a bunch of new features. The most notable new features are associative arrays, improvements to the programmable completion functionality, case-modifying word expansions, co-processes, support for the `**' special glob pattern, and additions to the shell syntax and redirections. The shell has been changed to be more rigorous about parsing commands inside command substitutions, fixing one piece of POSIX non-compliance.

A complete list of changes can be found in the CHANGES file in the source tarball. You can also read the "NEWS" section of this message to get a summary of major features.

The GNU Readline library used by BASH is also upgraded to version 6.0.

Most of us will probably wait for the distros to test the new version and upgrade gradually, but you always have the option of grabbing the source (mirrors) and compile it yourself. Enjoy.


Submission + - Death of an AIDS critic from "pneumonia" (

wisebabo writes: An apparently well known AIDS critic has died of "pneumonia". Tragically this follows the death of her daughter at age 3 a few years ago also of "pneumonia". (For those of you who don't understand why I'm putting pneumonia in quotes, it is because AIDS patient die of opportunistic diseases like pneumonia. Thus, it appears quite likely that she, and her daughter died of AIDS). During her pregnancy with her daughter she had refused to take the drug AZT (widely prescribed for women with HIV) because of her belief that there was no connection between HIV and AIDS. She is a clear candidate for the Darwin awards, unfortunately the cruel laws of natural selection also removed her daughter from the gene pool.

What's even more unfortunate is her activities evidently led to considerable delays in treating the large population of South Africans with HIV leading to thousands (tens of thousands? hundreds of thousands?) of deaths.

Here's the story (ABCNews)

Just as an aside, I'm wondering if more people died from this ignorance and pseudoscience than from Apartheid. Shame on the (previous) South African government.


Submission + - 30GB Zunes Failing Everywhere, All At Once

Web design em Portugal writes: "According to Gizmodo, the 30GB model of the Microsoft music player Zune "began freezing at about midnight last night, becoming totally unresponsive and practically useless. (...) The evidence seems to point to a software glitch, but simple resets aren't providing any relief."

"Zune frozen", "reset zune" and "zune troubleshooting" are the top 3 Google Trends right now, what lends credibility that this is a widespread phenomenon."

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