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Comment Re:Way more braindead to take large hit on battery (Score 1) 109

A Mac Pro is not 'portable' if you still have to lug a screen around.

Yes, and? The same argument applies for a "laptop" that you MUST lug a power adaptor around with constantly. That is not a device amenable to using on the patio or the bed. In fact the choice Apple made seems like the are tailor made to the case you lay out - which how most people (including myself) use laptops, and why suffering a huge hit in battery life just to go beyond 16GB is a non-starter.

I absolutely need 32GB in order to be properly productive.

I find this very dubious considering much of the work I do is very memory intensive - iOS development and a lot of high-resolution photography including some huge panoramic work, more recently some neural networking stuff - would I *like* more memory? Yes. Do I *absolutley need* more memory? No, I get by OK wth what I have now. If anything the real memory need people would have for modern tasks is not main system memory but GPU memory, and there Apple is still doing OK with 4GB of memory, if anything else I would have liked to see more there.

Most modern professional apps are used to dealing with partitioning tasks into smaller amounts of memory and the main SSD on the new MacBook Pros is extremely fast, making those applications run quite well (mainly affects the pano work I do).

If you look at Activity Monitor sometime, I think you'll be surprised at how much memory you actually use...

Comment Way more braindead to take large hit on battery (Score 1) 109

for people that have a legitimate need for more than 16GB of ram battery life is a secondary factor

What laptop owners would that really be true of though? A handful, even among pros... if it's going to be plugged in all the time, and battery life is of secondary or no concern - then my not just use a Mac Pro? It's also fairly portable and will be much faster (yes, even before any updates to the current model).

I personally cannot see Apple releasing a laptop with an option that has way worse battery life just to add more RAM at the very top end - nor making a whole other variant of motherboard to support that option, or adding complexity to the existing design.

In the end it's just a matter of a single year before truly top-end purchasers will get a laptop with more than 16GB of RAM. For the past few years CPU improvements have not been all that large, so not being able ot buy now is not that huge a hit...

What I'm hoping to see in the next revision of the MacBook Pro is an even better GPU.

Comment Not the same rate of INCREASE (Score 0) 285

CO2 has increased at a MUCH LARGER RATE than has temperature; moreover the shape of the graphs are not really very similar with an increase in temperature rate of increase where co2 rate of increases show a lull.

I'll let you have the last response because I don't think you are really capable of actually understanding this concept yet. Don't worry, when climate scientists are forced to begrudgingly admit this in ten years or so you can say you knew it before they did.

Comment Look at the data (Score 1) 285

Do you deny CO2 in the atmosphere has shot up to record levels?

Do you deny that that increase is not matches by an equivalent temperature increase?

You are the one who wants everyone to fear. It is therefore incumbent upon you to prove the assertion that CO2 leads to runaway warming. The data does not show that any longer, but you are welcome to try so we all may laugh at you just like we do the other religious extremists trying to justify nonsense with faith.

Comment Read your own link (Score 0) 285

Read your own link retard. CO2 has had a much greater percentage increase over the past two decades than temperature has increased.

The whole point of government funded science making you scared of CO2 was to claim that CO2 leads to runaway warming (mandating of course much more government funding for the same scientists), which we can now see is a lie. It's fine if you choose to believe a lie, just don't ask others to which facts tell us otherwise.

All that's left is the fear now, no longer do you and your warming cultists run on facts... what a waste of a human mind.

Comment Still logical (Score -1) 285

That's only logical if there isn't some other reason to switch from fossil fuels

Even if you believe the fantasy that CO2 has anything to do with warming trends (as has been disprooved by decades of global temperatures not tracking with CO2 increases) a mere slowing down of the switch to electric cars hardly makes a difference, since all of the Warming Alarmists datasets assume CO2 use would continue to stay at current levels forever - plainly not the case if the large majority of cars are electric.

Besides, the U.S. (focus of this article) has ALREADY cut CO2 emissions beyond what was looked to in the Kyoto accords, so it does't matter as a whole if the U.S. is slower to adopt electric cars - we already did our part. Look to the rest of the world if you seriously consider CO2 as a problem (which no government does or it would reflect in actions, not words).

Comment If irreversible, why not let it continue naturally (Score 1) 285

I laso believe that "Car electrification is an irreversible trend".

So then why give hefty tax breaks to the 1% for buying electric cars today, rather than simply waiting for ten years when it makes sense that all cars are electric? You really aren't going to push the development that much faster than it would happen anyway.

Same is true for solar power and other alternative forms of energy. They are coming, they will dominate - just let that happen rather than trying to pick an exact winning form of that technology today.

Comment Apple software, not Apple Products Only (Score 2) 78

Want to watch this new pop-culture phenomenon? Here's a $300 dongle for your TV...

Apple doesn't care where you watch it from, but it has to use iTunes (which you may have forgot they have for Windows as well).

It's just that yes, it happens to be easier to watch all this stuff on an Apple TV.

Comment Failing upwards (Score 4, Insightful) 78

Jimmy Iovine was one of the most powerful record executives during the period when record labels were all sleeping on the digital revolution that was about to overtake them.

Why would anyone, especially Apple, give a job to someone who was so clueless about technology and popular culture?

Comment It's a good idea (Score 2, Interesting) 78

We've already seen from Netflix that producing enough original content is a huge draw to making sure people use your service. No way would I ever unsubscribe from Netflix now.

Similarly, a good enough base of original content would be a pretty good reason to buy an AppleTV. Amazon is trying the same approach themselves with Amazon content, which has no AppleTV app yet.

The only issue is, can Apple produce anything anyone wants to watch? That's the real trick. To my mind Amazon has not yet been nearly as successful at that as Netflix has. But maybe Apple can do better with a greater knowledge of what people stream than Amazon has.

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