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Comment Re:App is not gone (Score 1) 117

Nope. That's not how it works. An app installed with permission to open a port can't open that port until you run the app. That alone proves you wrong.

That proves you either cannot read, nor think. The original post is complaining about an OPEN PORT you doofus, which means the app HAS BEEN RUN. I'm not saying anything about the app before it is run, I am talking about where there is OPEN PORT there is a security risk.

Also, the app will shut the port when the app is closed.

What is really funny here is that it just goes even further to prove what I was saying, that an open port on Android is a security risk. What you are saying is that that there cannot be an open port without an app behind it which means 100% of the time an open port on Android is a security risk.

Which is what I said.

So thanks for the support, even if you don't understand why it went that way.

The other way is to leave a connection open permanently. This uses more resources and data than an open port.

Innocent question - why would a malicious app care about using more resources and data?

Comment Re:Fine (Score 1) 122

Most stuff on youtube isn't worth a dime any way... Hateful or not.

I don't know about most stuff. I find the tutorials on how to do stuff around the house pretty useful when the washing machine won't drain. Also, there are some rare clips of musical performances from years gone by that are impossible to find anywhere else (Bill Evans Quartet playing in someone's living room in Finland comes to mind)

But the videos advertisers are running away from are the ones where some guy in his mom's basement is looking into a camera and telling you his Very Important Opinions on why bitches are ruining video games or something.

If you read some of the AC comments above "The blacks have lower IQs. FACT!" you get an idea of why the entire YouTube jackoff culture might turn off people with money to spend (advertisers). I'm not sure it's fair to blame Google or YouTube for the fact that the advertisers choose to look for other avenues.

By the way, here is an excerpt from the Bill Evans video I referenced. For jazz musicians and fans, this is like finding the Dead Sea Scrolls. Eddie Gomez is especially impressive on bass.

Comment Re: I didn't notice (Score 1) 122

They can provide a subscription service

YouTube does provide a subscription service. YouTube Red.

I've been test-driving Google Play Music as an alternative to Spotify recently, and subscribing to Google Play Music includes a subscription to YouTube Red. It's nice to not worry about ads or anti-adblock measures from YouTube any more. It's a couple of bucks a month and for people who watch a lot of YouTube, it's pretty reasonable.

Comment Not torture, also laughter (Score 1) 149



The death penalty is public torture and it does not stop murder.

For some time now the death penalty has been the opposite of torture, with great lengths gone to to insure it is eater painless or instant.

I think we all want a "shadow" internet that includes all the features of the current one except that it would be off limits to monetization.


Comment App is not gone (Score 1) 117

u are hand waving a bunch of dumb shit like "app opens a port and then the app is gone

There's the exact problem though. Why do you THINK the app is gone?

If the app has permission to open a port that means it had permission to have a long-running service sitting on that port.

Why else would it open the port if it were not going to do just that?

Most non-technical users rarely if ever delete apps...

I mean, I agree that android phones are utter shit

They aren't at all, they work really well.. it's just that they ALSO bring the same security risk as any PC to a group of users who by and large have no technical ability to understand, or deal with the risk they are taking on. Sp it propagates the decades of horrible security flaws the PC world has enjoyed, like bank account being compromised, or identities stolen.

It bullshit to claim that is OK, that it's not really a problem when it is a massive problem that affects the people who can least afford to deal with it.

Comment Read Original Quote (Score 1) 117

What is the difference between an open port on an Android device and the dozens that are open on your personal computer? Nothing.

That is absolutely correct, and we all know that personal computers are rife with security flaws.

Part of that is because services are sitting at a number of different open ports, every service that is doing so increases the chances of a successful attack vector being present on your system,

So now we bring forward this same, known to be failed and dangerous, security model to the phone? Remember the original comment was talking about how open ports "are not dangerous" - with the implication that nothing is necessarily behind those open ports. But just like the PC we all know today, if something opened those ports that almost certainly means there is a service sitting there, listening, possibly vulnerable...

Or would you like to ignore decades of failed PC security?

Comment Libtard thermometers (Score 0) 158

Thermometers are just tools of libtard propaganda. I mean, how can I possibly have a so-called "fever" if my feet are cold? Where are the peer-reviewed scientific papers that show thermometers aren't a hoax? And I don't mean in libtard fake "scientific" journals like Nature, but in legitimate journals like this one:

Trump needs to outlaw thermometers, is what.

Comment Re:BeauHD, can we get some programming subs? (Score 1) 90

I'm not going to create yet another online account just to submit content here to you for free!

Wait a minute. You're complaint is that you don't want to submit content for free but you want more articles about an open source programming language?

You might want to think that through.

Comment Dangerous comment (Score 1) 117

Open ports by themselves don't constitute a security risk.

This comment is sadly the kind of horrifically dangerous and stupid comment that permeates the Android technical community.

If a port is opened on an Android device, that 100% means that an app opened it for some reason, which means that 100% there is for some period of time going to be a service running that receives on that port. Maybe the user deletes the app but why would they? Most people wouldn't bother. Many probably do not even know HOW.

So that means that ALL of the most vulnerable people are at risk, which you casually dismiss because an open port "means nothing", the way an orange glow and smoke pouring from a house "means nothing" until the external edifice is reduced to ashes...

I mean, a separate comment I saw pointed out that android users really should use netstat of the phone. Good grief.

This is why I cannot in good conscious do anything except steer every non-technical user away from Android.

Comment Re:Bleep this (Score 2) 34

(Fucking salt lamps, really? I knew people were stupid, but come on)

One of my neighbors got a salt lamp for Christmas and put it on the curb for garbage pickup by New Year's Eve. I saw it when I was walking the dog and snatched it up. I was hoping to wrap it again and re-gift it to someone as a gag, but my wife saw it and plugged it in. Now it sits as a night light on the counter in the hallway going to the bathroom. True story.

I don't know about any health benefits, but it is strangely attractive. A light bulb inside a lump of salt. Who would've thunk it?

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