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Comment Sketchy as hell rooting / flashing process (Score 1) 213

I've never installed a custom ROM, in spite of being very tempted to do so, because the tools to get one installed are largely Windows based and are seemingly universally closed source.

Using closed source software to do something "they" don't want you to do seems like a great way to invite malicious code onto your system.

I'd run it from a VM but then there's the whole USB passthrough issue and I'm concerned about bricking my device.

Even the god damned Nexus phones don't have a hidden switch the enable root. Nope, have to use some kind of exploit.

If there was some way to install a custom ROM *through the front door* I'd do it.

Comment Re:From a security perspective... (Score 1) 924

Actually, if, on a Mac running OS X, you do nohup blahblahblah >/tmp/blahblahlog 2>&1 & in a Terminal window in a GUI session, and then log out and log back in again, blahblahblah will still be running (verified experimentally on an El Camino (virtual) machine just now).

Shouldn't that read: "Disclaimer: verified using hacked OS image in an unsupported environment, your mileage may vary."?

Comment Secret ballot (Score 5, Insightful) 75

This is why Voting needs some sort of ID system to allow you to track your vote. Each year a new hash should be given to each person, which should remain valid until a few weeks after the election. You should be able to log in and see that your vote was correctly registered and counted. I'm pretty sure people will be quick to flock to social media if their hash result doesn't match who they voted for.

But this would break ballot secrecy. If you can prove how you voted then your vote can be bought or coerced.

Comment Re:Vertical Landing Rocket Economics 101 (Score 1) 132

Please take a few minutes and think about how it doesn't make sense to talk about something having *less* of some property (cost, temperature, speed) as being some positive multiple of said property with regards to whatever it's being compared to.

"A is 10 times slower than B" No. Speed is a measurable phenomenon. "Slowness" is not.

"A is 10 times thinner than B" No. Thickness is what is measured. "Thinness" was invented by marketers.

"A is 10 times colder than B" No. A's temperature is 1/10th B's temperature.

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