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Comment San Francisco's Transbay Tube (Score 3, Interesting) 79

San Francisco's Transbay Tube does this. It's a bunch of segments bolted together, and then it was weighted down with thousands of pounds of granite fill/gravel and they pumped all the water out of it. The bottom of the San Francisco bay is pretty flat and muddy compared to Norway, I suspect, so they just let it sit on the bottom, rather than precariously suspend it in the water(?!?)

Comment Re:Fuck you Motorola/Lenovo (Score 1) 152

They finally pushed out a... June? 2016 security patch to my Moto X. I think this fixed the bug where the radio would get woken up from sleep mode, but not return to sleep when done, which ate up my battery like crazy. The Moto X was my first Non-Nexus phone in years... now I'm back with a Nexus 5x, at least Google patches their shit.

Comment Re:Analogue vs Digital, and DRM (Score 2) 529

USB Type-C allows for analog out to a pair of dumb headphones. You can either connect a pair of native Type-C dumb headphones (dumbphones?) or a 3.5mm set of dumbphones to a $3 adapter.
There will also be digital headphones and powered dumphones, but USB Type-C can totally be used to pass an analog signal from inside the phone, directly to a tiny set of speakers strapped to your head. There's no DRM in analog audio signals.

Comment It's about the battery backpack, stupid. (Score 2) 56

The clip on backpack battery represents a throwback to the old StarTac (pre-RAZR) days where you could get a slimline battery (which was for chumps) or this mutant cancer battery bulge, which gave you something like a week worth of standby. It was ugly, but holy wow it was an official manufacturer-built battery backpack, not unlike what they're making now.
Being able to buy a phone with a first party batter backpack puts Motorola on the radar of a lot of people who crave a true all-day phone. I'm certainly looking at it now.
I have a Nexus 5x which while having an average battery life, I went on a company offsite outing today and had to bring a USB battery bank to keep it from running out of juice. I suspect there are other people out here that demand more battery life than the average phone is capable of giving.
Nobody actually cares about the pico projector or... whatever the other one was. Everyone paying attention to this as a positive attribute is totally focused on the first party battery backpack. If I bought a Moto Z, I'd buy three backpacks, one for current use, one for the office (on a charger) and one at my house as a backup, all ready to hot-swap. I can live with a thicker phone, but using ride share services as often as I do, I can't function without my phone these days.

Comment Re:Nice to see. . . (Score 1) 420

If they change the terms you can just walk without any early termination fees, that's also in the contract.
I barely use 1GB a month as a power user, although I have a home data connection. Over the past three years DD-WRT tells me I'm using between 80 and 150 GB per month, peaking to ~250 once or twice. I have a hard time believing that those people using > 100GB/mo aren't within wifi range ever, and also won't invest in a land line to better meet their needs.

Comment Re:My PCP has a "scribe!" (Score 4, Informative) 326

I had to get my hand looked at after a bicycle accident about 2 years ago that could have impacted my range of movement. The doctor turned on a recorder that had a foot pedal as a sort of "push to talk/record" system. Every time he put his foot down it would start recording, and stop when he let off. This tape then got labeled with my case number and sent off to a transcriptionist/service. I don't know why you need the scribe in the room but whatever. The transcription cost gets passed along to the insurance company. No big deal.
The big bonus here is that me, the patient, gets to hear exactly what is going in to the doctor's notes, not getting the sanitized version. Also the doctor doesn't have to mentally repeat themself hours after the appointment.

Comment Re:The bottome line (Score 1) 269

Yeah that's the Trillion Dollar question a lot of very smart people are working on. Once city or time-zone scale batteries (or equivilent) are invented, you just need to scale wind/solar at the continental level to about 250%.
Obviously, someone will invent that solution. If it's simply moving billions of tons of rock up a mountain, and then rolling it back down the mountain, then so be it. Emergencies like this will highlight the problem, and someone will solve it. Coal and oil burning plants are not long for this world. 50-60 years, tops.
People will look back at your post and laugh at it's short-sightedness.

Comment Re:Why is it troubling? (Score 4, Funny) 499

gender-imbalanced offices/teams/companies have a higher probability of disfunction

FTFY. Having too many women is not likely to be an issue for a tech company, but it's still worth noting. (Though I suppose you could argue that the problems in that case arose more from the fact that it was intentionally all-woman, which probably wouldn't attract the most healthy applicants...)


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