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Comment Re:But... (Score 4, Insightful) 238

You're right, it's a luxury that negatively affects everyone else to the point of being a health hazard, which is why it's ok to ban it. Just because they can afford it doesn't mean everyone else needs to needlessly suffer. They could just ride a bike if they wanted. Or walk.

Comment Re:Windfarms Kill 1000's of Bald & Gold Eagles (Score 4, Informative) 176

Wikipedia says 4700 annually, 70 of which are eagles. It also says that it's due to the turbines being very small turbines that spin way, way faster than the modern large turbines, which spin a lot slower.
So your argument is
1) wrong on the numbers
2) not applicable to modern wind farms with slower spinning turbines
3) not applicable to this wind farm, which is replacing the turbines with safer ones

Comment Well that's terrifying (Score 5, Informative) 414

For two reasons:
1) no valid crime (in my opinion) was committed
2) it's a two year sentence, besides pissing off a bunch of people, what purpose does this serve?
You can't change a person's ideologies by imprisoning them, not without brainwashing them. This seems like the wrong way to address these problems. Imprisoning and fining people for their thoughts and beliefs is likely to cause more people to think this way, rather than deter it.

Comment Re:Wearables is a fad that's petering out. (Score 1) 38

It's not unlikely that your IOT toaster will just use the RFID chip to toast your toast to "3" darkness setting. It's possible you'll use the RFID in the smartwatch, but in that case, you can just buy an RFID sticker and stick it to the back of the watch, or integrate it in to the face of the watch. Some people have injectable RFID capsules in their arms if you don't like wearing something on your wrist.

Comment Re:If you don't like what they pay, don't drive (Score 1) 306

It's not a sustainable profession though; taxi drivers traditionally were career jobs for many in past decades. My friend's wife's dad is a taxi driver (in south america) and owns his own house, has raised a family of three and lives comfortably and is near retirement.
Now we're on the cusp of replacing taxi drivers with robots. While there are some that lean on Uber as a full time job, it's never been sold as a full time job, and second, it's been in the news for years now that the plan is to replace all human drivers with robots. It's unreasonable to expect to make a lifetime living from a company like uber, when the company is broadly advertising that they expect to replace their contractor workforce with robots.
TIme and time again they try and compare themselves to industries like healthcare, education and airport workers - industries that can't be fully automated. But their industry is being actively automated. There's zero reason to give benefits to these contractors in the long term, which seems to me why they're disinterested in providing benefits and pay increases to a market that has a seemingly limitless number of college students willing to work for any price.

Comment Interesting they release these reports on rainy da (Score 2, Interesting) 393

It's interesting that these reports are always released on rainy days (Which are pretty rare in SF actually)
Yes if you go up to Mt. Lassen it really probably is 1 in 3 trees. Certainly 1 in 10. If anything though, this is natural selection in progress; the only way to produce drought-resistant species is to have a serious drought, a big fire to clear out all the dead species, and then re-seed them with the drought resistant ones. If anything this is a good, big step forward for California over the long term in destroying the less viable/invasive species.

Comment Re:5 hours? (Score 1) 70

In most cases that I've seen, the person forgets to charge it overnight, and then needs the phone to navigate to a new address when traveling, and check in on emails periodically. Typically if you can get the phone to 50% you can nurse it the rest of the day, or at least until you can plug it in periodically throughout the day to get you back up above ~30%

Comment Re:Apple bought Slashdot? (Score 1) 259

It's the first useful hardware update Apple has released in about three years* for people who actually use their computers for things beyond facebook and youtube, let them have this, man.
*Macbook is barely more powerful than an iPad, iPad hasn't had a meaningful update in a couple of years, iPhone has been incremental at best... I can't remember the last time (or if they even sell) they updated their desktop, or what it looks like. The iWatch or whatever it's called got some update but it's not really a productivity tool like a computer or tablet.

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