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Comment Re:Haystacks (Score 1) 69

Brilliant, but it needs a tiny bit more work to avoid the obviously wrong word "hyperspace":

Dynamically expanding the search space by utilising multiple concurrent haystacks in an emergent fashion via a cloud-based neural network.

Comment Re:Density is nice, but what about longevity? (Score 1) 185

If you're so disinterested in doing your own research on this, and believe SSDs still have this problem, no amount of explanation is going to convince you otherwise. I'm going to put you into the same basket as people who argue that Linux is not ready for regular users, and just ignore you. There's no point in arguing with someone who has such a rigid mindset. It's like trying to break concrete with a spoon.

Comment What about IPA/IVA? (Score 1) 31

But if everyone populated and used curated public databases, then there would be no need for the army of PhD and Masters students employed by IPA/IVA to read papers and feed their proprietary knowledge base. What would people do with all the money that's currently spent on propping up the Qiagen army?

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