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Comment Unproven (Score 3, Interesting) 75

The hygiene hypothesis is still unproven and controversial

That's not quite correct; "unproven" is a confusing word here. It's more of an "it depends" situation, rather than a "true/false" situation.

The hygiene hypothesis can be sort-of demonstrated in some situations (e.g. reduced allergic response to peanuts in mice via oral sensitisation with very low amounts of CpG-coated peanut extract), and rejected in others (e.g. the parasitic worm H. polygyrus suppresses the adaptive immune response).

Comment Still using mine (Score 1) 180

We've got an ADSL modem with integrated wireless router, but our WRT45G (purchased second-hand about 10 years ago) is still in use as a bridge from wireless to wired for our web server (with no wireless card).

I'm still keeping the WRT45G around, just in case we change to a cable or fibre modem, and have further need for a separate router.

Comment Re:Just follow the rules (Score 1) 364

Koby77 suggested that whether or not people were breaking the law should have a substantial (and possibly overriding) role in the decision to injure them. I disagree with this.

should it be the person who put themselves in a dangerous situation or the person who has tried to make the safe choice?

Ah, but that's not the choice. It's ten people who have put themselves in a dangerous situation voluntarily versus one person who has put themselves in a dangerous situation involuntarily.

Comment Re:Just follow the rules (Score 1) 364

If the car is driving in a perfectly legal manner down its lane in the road, and the 10 people in the road are jaywalking, then the car/driver is in the right of way and should proceed rather than kill its driver.

That's not right, at least not in my country. I don't have a legal right to kill people who are breaking the law, especially not if it is a minor offense like jaywalking.

Comment Re:Haystacks (Score 1) 69

Brilliant, but it needs a tiny bit more work to avoid the obviously wrong word "hyperspace":

Dynamically expanding the search space by utilising multiple concurrent haystacks in an emergent fashion via a cloud-based neural network.

Comment Re:Density is nice, but what about longevity? (Score 1) 185

If you're so disinterested in doing your own research on this, and believe SSDs still have this problem, no amount of explanation is going to convince you otherwise. I'm going to put you into the same basket as people who argue that Linux is not ready for regular users, and just ignore you. There's no point in arguing with someone who has such a rigid mindset. It's like trying to break concrete with a spoon.

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