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Comment Indow Window, Citiquiet, Home Depot, Drywall, door (Score 0) 388

Accidentally posted anonymously....

To solve you issue you first need to assess how the noise is entering into your space and whether some spaces inside your home are significantly better than others. Noise requires air to move through so barriers that prevent airflow and membranes that diffuse pressure gradients are what needs to be evaluated. Windows and doors are the most common leaky entry point for noise, drywall and poor insulation can also be a cause. Because the noise is coming from outside, your weakest link is probably the Windows, Windows framing, and insulation. If a door is nearby that leads to the outside that is also another entry point that propagates within the home. For example, let's say you have a study room near your home entrance. Even if you redo the Windows their, if your study room door isn't sealed for soundproofed, the barking noise will coming through your main entry door and through your study room door. Windows will get you 80-90% there usually, but if you have an old home.

The cheapest solution is sealed polycarbonate window inserts that are placed in your window framing on the inside. Google Indow Windows and watch the videos. Next option is full window replacement. I recommend Home Depot advice here because I have found that they offer the best window solutions at the cheapest and most flexibile price, especially during the holiday season. Sometimes up to 20-30% off plus nearly free multi-year financing. Some people choose a glass window insert like Citiquiet Windows, but I think they are ugly and expensive (but worth it for bedrooms). If you don't like Indow Window inserts, Citiquiet provides the compromise, but I would just redo Windows completely. After Windows, I would do entryway doors and/or inside doors where silence is desired. If you need more info, let me know. Beyond this, if you have high-ceilings, installing architectural sound barriers dampen noise that is bouncing around inside and make the space look fancy if done right. The more sealed airtight barriers there are, the more dB reduction will be provided. 20-30dB should be easy to do with inserts in my experience. The mode difficult thing to sound proof are slide patio doors. Those just have to be redone in order quiet. Again, Home Depot is where I'd go. You could try to find sound-proofing companies but they will just charge you a premium for everything I just described. Their only real value-add is experience dealing with multiple sound-proofing projects where there is a major renovation involved. If I was perhaps gut renovating a study or bedroom/sunroom, I might consider invoking a soundproofing company or contractor that has had sound-proofing experience. For internal soundproofing for indoor noise and privacy, I would involve a soundproofing company for sure. They understand how to properly layer and install soundproofing drywall. I found a few hours studying YouTube to be a great help as well.

Comment Compared to what the Killers at DuPont do to the p (Score 2, Insightful) 166

Nuclear energy is the last thing the public needs to worry about. The world pretty much has been poisoned over the last 100 years with toxic chemicals made by DuPont and 3M. Cancer, high cholesterol, endocrine disruption, diabetes, mental health....death. Poorly regulated chemicals are orders of magnitude more dangerous than the highly regulated nuclear industry.

Comment Re: How hard will this break Corp Intranet apps? (Score 3, Interesting) 133

Not true. Microsoft has thought this scenario true thoroughly. Corporations can configure Windows to only launch IE whitelisted domains or sites. This way organizations can default to Edge for general usage while whitelisting legacy apps or apps that have legacy headers.

Comment Re: Not enough resourcees (Score 1) 486

There is no link between scraping CO2 from the atmosphere and using renewable energy to generate e-diesel and ethanol production from food sources. CO2 is unlimited in supply for all intents and purposes. Carbon shifting technologies like this should be and will be part of the transition to cleaner energy.

Comment Re:HFT Don't Like Individuals Moving in on their t (Score 1) 310

Isn't this basically what many of the HFT's do all the time? So they found a scapegoat who was moving in on their turf and lowering their profit and so they got the political machinery to ice him.

The futures market is a commodity market (real commodity contracts) while HFT is usually in the stock market i.e. Paper assets

Comment Re: Real fight (Score 1) 179

It's a great sentiment that you express and I agree with all of it. It doesn't really speak to the idea that the only purpose of business is to make money. When you study 20th century business history and compare the age of managerialism to age to value maximisation (mid-80s onward) the data shows that the first had better outcomes, both for the business and for society.

Comment Re:unreal (Score 1) 291

playing too much unreal took way more than 5% off of my grades.

i didn't start using cannabis regularly until after college, it's vastly superor to alcohol in the "how functional am i at work the next day if i overindulge" department.

For me it was all night Super Smash Bros. Melee in the communal dorm living room :/

Comment Re:US Citizenship Choice Shouldn't be One-Dimensio (Score 1) 734

All your points are valid consideration IFF the choice is to give up EU citizenship while accepting US. I don't believe this is the case with regard to the question. I could have worked in the Uk my whole life as a UK citizen and be entitled to my national UK pension as well as social security. Citizenship is not a prerequisite for retirement, welfare, or entitlements; only legal residence.

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