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Submission + - PostgreSQL 9.0 released (

greg1104 writes: "PostgreSQL 9.0 has been released today, including a pile of new features (with example usage for many). The biggest pair of features now included with the database allow near real-time asynchronous binary replication to slave nodes, along with the ability to run queries against them. Packages such as pgpool-II 3.0 have already been updated to build clusters using that feature, allowing transparent application load-balancing across multiple nodes for scaling read-heavy loads."
Sun Microsystems

Submission + - Solaris support? Only on matching hardware. (

greg1104 writes: "After already tightening down on free Solaris Licenses with a 90 day limit for some situations, an Oracle/Sun account manager has been quoted saying that all future Solaris support will now be available only on Oracle/Sun hardware. Having a smooth transition available between generic systems running OpenSolaris and commercial Solaris looks flat out dead now, and this likely puts OpenSolaris driver support for non-Sun hardware completely in the hands of open-source developers moving forward."

Submission + - PostgreSQL publishes first real benchmark ( 1

greg1104 writes: "The current version of PostgreSQL now has its first real benchmark, a SPECjAppServer2004 submission from Sun Microsystems. The results required substantial tuning of many performance-related PostgreSQL parameters, some of which are set to extremely low values in the default configuration — a known issue that contributes to why many untuned PostgreSQL installations appear sluggish compared to its rivals. The speed result is close but slightly faster than an earlier Sun submission using MySQL 5 (with enough hardware differences to make a direct comparison of those results unfair), and comes close to keeping up with Oracle on similarly priced hardware — but with a large software savings. Having a published result on the level playing field of an industry-standard benchmark like SPECjAppServer2004, with documentation on all the tuning required to reach that performance level, should make PostgreSQL an easier sell to corporate customers who are wary of adopting open-source applications for their critical databases."

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