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Submission + - PostgreSQL 9.0 released (

greg1104 writes: "PostgreSQL 9.0 has been released today, including a pile of new features (with example usage for many). The biggest pair of features now included with the database allow near real-time asynchronous binary replication to slave nodes, along with the ability to run queries against them. Packages such as pgpool-II 3.0 have already been updated to build clusters using that feature, allowing transparent application load-balancing across multiple nodes for scaling read-heavy loads."
Sun Microsystems

Submission + - Solaris support? Only on matching hardware. (

greg1104 writes: "After already tightening down on free Solaris Licenses with a 90 day limit for some situations, an Oracle/Sun account manager has been quoted saying that all future Solaris support will now be available only on Oracle/Sun hardware. Having a smooth transition available between generic systems running OpenSolaris and commercial Solaris looks flat out dead now, and this likely puts OpenSolaris driver support for non-Sun hardware completely in the hands of open-source developers moving forward."

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