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Comment Concern not warranted (Score 2) 251

If you check with black hats, you will noticed that there are two tactics that they use approximately never:

- network packet sniffing, and
- break-ins to email

What they're saying by this is that passwords sent in the clear are not an interesting target.

Just trying to bring this conversation back down to earth.

Comment That's a smidge under 4" for the entire state (Score 2) 330

The area of the state of California is 163,696 square miles.

$ units --verbose
Currency exchange rates from on 2014-04-02
2866 units, 109 prefixes, 79 nonlinear units

You have: 11 trillion gallons
You want: 163696 in mile^2
        11 trillion gallons = 3.8666624 * 163696 in mile^2
        11 trillion gallons = (1 / 0.25862097) * 163696 in mile^2

I find '4" over the entire state" to be a little bit more manageable than some unscaled number with a bunch of zeros, but maybe it's just me.

Comment Re:Arrogant maintainers... (Score 0) 234

Speaking of arrogance, it takes quite a bit of it, that, or paranoia, to imagine that people in a data center know or care what you're doing with your equipment there. They all have jobs to do, and if you're doing something so sensitive that you think the risk of being spied on in the data center is that high, you should probably have your own data center. That, or lay off the meth^Wcoffee.

Comment Wrong from the get-go (Score 1) 454

Your assumption that content people might find--Facebook or elsewhere--that is more harmful to them than a censorship policy just handed down to them--is false. This is your chance to confront the people asking you to implement the policy with a couple of questions:

1. Given all the ways people get uncensored internet even under autocratic regimes where the penalties are brutal, what makes you think any censorship policy could work?

2. Which feasible projects are you willing to divert resources from in order to tilt at this windmill?

Don't let them answer 2. until they've got 1. well in hand.

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