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Comment Re:"borrow money to make it through the month" (Score 1) 542

The point is that the problem won't be corrected easily. At least not as easily as you find it to sling insults.

Maybe you don't give a shit. And that's fine too. But at least have the balls to come out and say: "I don't give a shit about anyone other than myself."

Comment Re:18:9 (Score 2) 78

The original iPhone was 27:18 (or 15:10 or 3:2).

We should probably approximate screen aspect ratios in decimal instead of as a fraction, it makes them easier for people to compare.

16:9 -> 1.77:1
16:10 & 8:5 -> 1.6:1
18:9 & 2:1 -> 2:1
21:9 & 7:3 -> 2.33:1
4:3 -> 1.33:1
5:4 -> 1.25
64:27 -> 2.37:1
CinemaScope -> 2.35:1 or 2.39:1
15:9 & 5:3 -> 1.66:1
IMAX -> 1.43:1
11:8 -> 1.375:1
CinemaScope 55 -> 2.55:1
24:9 -> 2.66:1

hopefully you take the longest over the shorted dimension (landscape) and not the portrait orientation that is the typical use case for phones. (people are as bad with reciprocals as fractions)

Comment Re:It's all out of whack... (Score 1) 542

A "bubble" implies it's going to pop. The place would just about have to burn down for property values to go down. As long as populations increase and jobs are available the demand will continue to push prices up.

I predict people will declare the bubble has popped when the rate of increase levels off and the prices go more flat, as is the case in a more normal market. That isn't really a popping of a bubble, but of hitting an equilibrium point. And I believe that point is above current prices.

Government intervention is probably the only way out of this. And we can't even agree on what the government could do, let alone what it should do.

Comment Re:"borrow money to make it through the month" (Score 1) 542

If getting paid slightly late forces you to take out a loan, you're a dumbass who doesn't know how to manage his money.

This is life for the majority of Americans who live paycheck to paycheck. If you're single or have no kids, there is probably no good reasons for living like that. For people with kids, it's way harder to get out of the hole.

Comment Re:$160.000 and a hole in your budget at monthend (Score 1) 542

$3k/mo for a small house seems pretty cheap to me for SF, really anywhere on the peninsula for that is probably an reasonable price. 2 bed townhouses near me (South Bay / SJ) are closer to me $3500, and 3 bed are $4k.

Assuming he could get a job in North Carolina, he could make half that and have more money left over at the end of the month. But there are a whole lot of tech jobs in the SF Bay Area, and you have to be pretty lucky to find an equivalent job in other parts of the country.

Comment Re: Rockets are too expensive (Score 1) 322

In the necessary volumes it's a factor. If you consume some significant percentage of annual steel production making cables for your project, that's going to be a problem.

The processing of steel is not likely to change much in cost, a big chunk of the cost is energy (at least it was when I worked in a steel mill). The processing of carbon-based nanomaterials is likely to change dramatically over the new few decades. It's incredibly expensive right now, as to be expected from any nascent technology, but it should scale out very well and have very low energy costs for manufacture. First we need ways to make carbon nanotubes that has a good yield, I believe currently yield is around 1%, which obviously is not going to be practical for producing 36 megameters of cable.

Comment Re: Rockets are too expensive (Score 1) 322

Those aren't so great for lifting out of a gravity well. They don't have as much thrust as a chemical rocket. But a nuclear rocket is good for going long distances because you can run it for a very long time. We could get to Mars and back much more quickly with one, and the spacecraft would be lighter as we wouldn't have to carry a bunch of propellant to Mars.

Comment Re: Rockets are too expensive (Score 1) 322

Carbon costs less than steel for the same volume of material, as it is less dense and more abundant in nature.

Now the processing you have to do in order to make carbon into a useful cable is not something we've managed to do at that scale yet. But I suspect it's going to become cheap once we have it figured out.

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