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Comment Re:Oracle Java UPDATER is the reason for this (Score 1) 102

Take your pops to good ol' Ninite.com. Have him create an installer of all the apps he wishes to use and keep up-to-date, and either run it as a scheduled task (there's some command line switches to make this doable) or if he's like my Dad, he'll write it in the kitchen calendar and never miss running it himself manually. Once you build the installer, it's a run-and-wait thing; doesn't require any other steps, he can just keep running the same Ninite installer every week/month.

Comment Re:I think it is aimed at businesses and academia (Score 1) 287

This. We can't wait for the Surface so we can deploy RemoteApp (Remote Desktop Services, i.e. Terminal Server) versions of our legacy applications.

All the Executive types see these Apple iPad ads where Doctors are manipulating ultrasounds, or sales guys showing off an amazing PowerPoint deck and we're the ones who have to bring them back down to earth with, "well, it doesn't really work like that because your ERP system doesn't have a native iPhone app".

Comment At the end of the day... (Score 3, Insightful) 303

Microsoft Windows native/legacy applications -- a massive massive software ecosystem unparalleled by any other OS/platform (besides the Web perhaps?) -- is the reason why they can never turn their backs on it. Its the key to their power, but with power comes a great responsibilit^H^H^H burden.

They will try, but at the end of the day, the Microsoft walled garden will always have the gate left open.

Comment How is this different than any other tablet? (Score 2, Insightful) 303

Apple has a walled garden. That's it. Android does too. Microsoft has a walled garden, but if you have an x86 tablet, you can plant petunias and begonias if you want in there. That seems like an improvement to me. And it's likely a technical reason too: all those Windows-native calls/hooks that your typical Windows-compatible applications require likely do not exist on the ARM version of Windows 8 (I'm not a Windows programmer/guru, so I'm speculating here, but seems likely no?).

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