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Comment Re:That's a lot of supersmart robots! (Score 1) 175

Read on up on quckly automobiles caught on and consider that many robots being sold today are fairly cheap.

Besides, an individual robot doesn't need to be better than every human at every task.

The 3,000 noodle chef's laid off in china by noodle robots are still out of work. And customers prefer the noodles created by the noodle robots (which.. keep in mind... cost less than the salary of a noodle chef in CHINA).

Comment And it still won't be considered A.I. (Score 1) 175

The bar will keep being moved. Even when computer programs are 'smarter' than 99% of humans, they won't be considered "real A.I." by many people. Some for religious reasons. Some for property reasons.

It may be not one versitile A.I. that can do everything better than humans- but hundreds of "idiot savant" who each excel human beings in a particular area.

Comment Re:Pointless, is pointless (Score 1) 70

Cell phones are ridiculously cheap, even the flasgships. People use them for hours a day, at an amortized price of maybe $1-$1.50/day.

$40 phones do exist, just why save a dollar a day on something you use all the time? If you're able to afford the internet service that allows you to post on Slashdot, the only real reason not to get a quality phone is philosophical - you think having a powerful device that gives you access to everything easily actually distracts from quality of life.

Comment Mod parent up! Re:Invert planet finding method? (Score 1) 127

You deserve some "Insightful" mods.

They've definitely been considering that idea! Check out this article

The authors of the paper being discussed in the article are proposing exactly what you said. Focus our searching/listening for extraterrestrial life on the areas in the galaxy where we would be most visible to other observers if "they" are using the same "transit observation" techniques we're using.

Comment Re:Not Really, But Harder Than Expected (Score 1) 126

This is about as far from the truth as one can be. Technology company after technology company is losing money. Amazon lost money for more than a decade before it started profiting. Long-term potential over short-term profits are endemic to Silicon Valley investments - even with the prospect of a long-shot potential profit and overwhelming chances of never earning.

And NO, it's not simply a matter of waiting for "regulatory hoops." To my mind the regulations have been bending backwards for self-driving cars. It's funny how that works with large, profitable companies that will bring a lot of high-paying jobs to the area. Self-driving cars simply do not exist yet, and while it may be years, it's also easy to imagine it will be decades before something fully, 100% autonomous exists.

Comment My experience with the USPS (Score 2) 150

A decade or two ago I was a hard core EBay re-seller, as a sort of side hobby I had Chinese movies (generally VCDs!) shipped in-mass and re-sold them in the normal mail, I used USPS and often the cheaper media mail rate. I sent hundreds (thousands?) of packages and not once, ever, did I have a problem with packages being sent in the post office getting lost or damaged. A couple times it took a week or two longer than it should.

Comment Re:My job... (Score 1) 359

Because american workers don't have unlimited rights to immigrate to india.
Because the cost of living here is much higher. A person will starve to death on the same salary that would be excellent in india.

Now, IF capitalism were allowed to work and we could buy products from india at the prices indian consumers pay- that would help a lot. But we have artificial laws preventing that.

Flatly ILLEGAL web sites offer the same drugs for sale from india at under 1/4th the cost the same drugs are sold in the U.S.

Microsoft charges U.S. citizens over $1,000 for the same products they give away free to indians.

It's a short term problem. It's going to resolve itself and indians are going to experience tremendous inflation while u.s. workers stagnate until automation wipes them both out.

And then it will be very stark. Some people will have money and the majority of everyone else in the world will have no way to trade their labor for money ,food, lodging. And at that point, the mass market collapses.

Comment Re:Talk about a subset of a subset (Score 1) 61

The 1% of Linux users among the 1% of gamers currently playing VR. I think that's about 7 people tops.

As a proponent of both Linux and VR, I am sadly going to have to say that I'll be staying away from that unholy combo.

VR is fledgling technology that struggles to be quite what everyone wants it to be, supported by an established platform with carefully optimised drivers.

Linux is an established technology in everything but mainstream gaming, with graphics drivers that struggle to perform as well as their windows counterparts.

Jamming the two together? Why yes, I do like chilli powder in my eyes. It'll hurt a lot less than all the googling needed to get it working properly.

Comment Re:The Gold Age of the Internet is Gone (Score 1) 195

I disagree. I think we're in the early stages of a digital renaissance.

The traditional media is having convulsions because they realize that they've lost the ability to control the narrative. Not only are they chained to the old mediums, they've destroyed their credibility with the public. Look no further than the polls showing people's hatred and distrust of them. These same control freaks are now grasping to control the flow of information in the realm of social media and the internet, but they are doomed to fail.

It took the Internet to break the MSM's ability to control the public consciousness because the time and expense needed to build up a competing old-school media outlet was measured in years and millions of dollars. When Twitter, FB and YouTube start to suck bad enough(they're working on it), the barrier to entry for new competitors is probably measured in months and thousands of dollars.

Comment Another reason to scrap the income tax (Score 2) 77

Yet another good reason why we should abolish the personal and corporate income tax in favor of the fair tax The fair tax is a consumption tax, but avoids any disproportionate impact on the poor by providing a pre-paid tax credit in the amount that a poor person would pay in taxes over the course of a year.

Everyone understands that taxation creates a disincentive for particular behavior, which is precisely why tobacco is taxed at such ridiculous levels. Why the hell do we tolerate a tax system which creates a disincentive for working and producing things?

Eliminating the ridiculously complex, multi-thousand page income tax code also gets rid of the government's favorite and most convenient mechanism for handing out favors to wealthy special interests. It creates an incentive for businesses to invest in the U.S. & makes U.S. goods more competitive vs. imports ... and of course we would be far less vulnerable to this sort of tax fraud.

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