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Comment Re:Given that Venezuela's economy is tanking (Score 1) 86

You realize that the (socialist) anarchist dream world doesn't even have a state? Or that communism as defined by Marx doesn't really have a state?

Of course it requires a state. How else do they get to enforce the communal rule? It's COMMUNist for a reason, and requires an enforcer to ensure that each only get what they require and no more.

Comment Re:Neglect is more likely (Score 1) 102

And during the US election you threw vitriol at anyone bringing up the number of deaths and "suicide by two gunshots in the back of the head" surrounding the Clintons.

What makes those claims absurd conspiracy theories and yours about Putin not?

I think you answered your own question, in a roundabout way.

Oh, I think the question was answered well enough by your answer. That discomfort you feel is called cognitive dissonance.

Comment Re:Premium virtue signaling (Score 3, Insightful) 84

Considering you used that pointless little alt-right phrase you are either in the broadcaster, recipient or collatoral damage category, so they would expect you to sign up with your dollars - or at least send a vast amount of advertising targeting you. Can we please get back to English instead of weird shit like "virtue signaling" where it's unclear whether its mention means an insult, irony or a quest for a "look at me" award?

When did it stop meaning "Look at me - I'm thinking the right thoughts"?

Comment Re:There's only one solution... (Score 1) 266

If performance sucks, buy a faster computer. Speed covers a multitude of sins.

You're not a programmer, right? See things aren't so simple. A poor design decision will still be slow on a faster computer, and the speedup you get will not correlate to the extra money spent. Spending double on a new computer will not cause your program to finish in half the time if it's waiting on a poorly constructed network request.

Comment Re:This just in: slashdotters are OLD (Score 1) 542

Airplane! was a shot for shot remake of Zero Hour!. Almost. Star Wars had many shot for shot "borrowings" of extended sequences from The Dam Busters.

I own a book[1] called "The Dam Busters", about allies breaking German dams - also had a C64 game that was the same theme. Is the movie the same thing? (Allies breaking three German dams).

[1]Back when I was but a child (and the earth had only just cooled) schools used to give out awards to the pupil with the highest average mark in the grade for the year. These awards were usually books, and The Dam Busters was a book given to me as part of these awards. I had not thought about it in over 30 years until you mentioned it.

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