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Comment Re:Who cares? -- Former slack user here (Score 1) 179

A couple of years ago, this changed. It was now not only recommended to do a full install, but support was not required UNLESS people did a full install, at least by most of the community.

That's the community's backlash against all the new people not doing a full install and then
bitching about unsatisfied dependencies.

This is frustrating. Slackware started out as being the most unix like Linux. Something it has clearly abandoned...when installing mplayer REQUIRES installing Samba, just in case you need to play a file across an SMB share.

Yes that does suck, I was happy initially when MPlayer was included because xine, kaffeine are a joke.
But I always replace it with my own minimal build. I think we must be happy they didn't go for vlc :D

Comment Re:Systemd-free (Score 1) 179

They might be opposed to systemd on a moral level but, they may not be able to avoid it on a technical level. As systemd absorbs more and more things, and more things start to depend on systemd, it's a simple problem of manpower: Unless your distro is run by a multi-billion dollar company that has the resources to undo the damage caused by systemd, you may have no choice but to adopt it.

Exactly, they will avoid it until avoiding entails more effort than including it.
There is an old interview on LQ that talks about this:

Comment Re:Poll Ideas (Score 1) 301

If you are actually trying to say you support Trump, then please disregard the prior part of this reply. My only question for Trumpsters is: What do you hate most?

That's genius. That question will make them deadlock, ... literally :D.

Comment Re: Poll Ideas (Score 1) 301

Funny coincidence I received an invite to an IT seminar a week ago. And it mispelled paradigm
as diafragm. That dit put some dents in my believe that traditional papermedia still has a superior workflow and higher quality.

Comment So (Score 2) 559

Space is big. Really big. You just won't believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it's a long way down the road to the chemist, but that's just peanuts to space.

Coupled with the odds of being alive and intelligent at the right time
and putting in the resources to make one noticeable (large laser irradiating the sun, dyson sphere, ...) long enough.
I'm not really that surprised there is yet another plausible factor that makes it hard.

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