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Comment Re: Not all activity is illegetimate (Score 1) 107

since everyone buys those for one damn reason.

Yes to try something new and fresh and have a flavoured smoke.

People sure as hell aren't buying grape-flavored shit to fill it with tobacco.

Ever heard of a hookah ? It's a bong usually used to smoke "flavoured tobacco". So I wouldn't feel confident to put the 100% number out there, heck I know people who use tips and long leaves regardless of the cilinder's contents.

Comment Re:Yep. (Score 1) 310

Actually I've heard a psychologist speculate that the constant stimulation of the current world might actually be bad for us physically - at least according to her, it's very much like being in fight-or-flight mode all the time.

I agree, it's like where all chased and have to constantly perform and be available.

Comment Re:Why do people continue to believe alarmist crap (Score 1) 156

Frankly I've formed the exact same opinion as ShangaBill concerning extinction.
The small therapods seem to have evolved into the birds we see everyday.
But where are the big sauropod's descendants ? I assume this jaded (erroneous) opinion is caused by the smaller animals
being a lot more numerous and uninteresting compared to the bigger ones.

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