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Comment Re: IRB approval? (Score 1) 115

There's an old sci-fi short story of an astronaut on Pluto - suit failure, almost instantly down to almost absolute zero. Under those conditions, the electrical impulses in his brain continue to think since there's no resistance. He stands there for eternity just watching the sun rise and set, and the stars, unable to move a muscle.

Is this a life? He can't even die, but he can go crazy.

Comment Re:Rationality? (Score 3, Insightful) 70

If they're not a highly-valued (ie speculative) startup, or one with a CLEAR PATH TO PROFIT, why the fuck would/should anyone be investing in them?

It is called the "the greater fool theory". It is investing in a venture even after knowing it has no real prospects, investing in ponzi schemes knowing well it is a ponzi scheme etc. Basic idea is, "yes it is a scam. I know it is a scam. I might be a fool to invest in this thing, but, I will flip the investment to some greater fool before the whole thing comes crashing down."

Comment Re:Not on the internet (Score 1) 112

Well, that was more or less my (badly expressed) point.

Let's say this computer is connected to another computer via NetBEUI. If that other computer is exposed to the Internet, then this one is potentially exploitable too.

If there is an Internet connection anywhere within a group of devices using some sort of shared communication protocol (or group of protocols), then all the devices in the group are vulnerable. Sure, an attacker would likely need reasonably detailed knowledge of how the devices communicate, along with knowledge regarding how to exploit each step of the chain... but we're talking about targets in the Pentagon. A foreign state actor would have the resources to throw at the problem.

Comment The police did what I would want them to do (Score 2) 112

They had a specifically targeted phone, they used "human and technical intelligence" to get into it. No broad request (specifically from them, anyway, in this case) to compromise everyone else's personal privacy and financial security in pursuit of their goal.

On the face of it, at least, this seems to be what I would want them to do.

Comment Re:Memories? (Score 1) 115

Memories? More like nightmares. Trying placing a male brain in a female body and see what happens.

Once they discover multiple orgasms they'll never leave the bedroom. Like a rat that constantly presses a button to get the pleasure part of its brain stimulated (or some gamers), they will ignore everything else - even eating - and starve to death.

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