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Comment Re:another wrinkle (Score 1) 5

What you heard is wrong. It is illegal for anyone to continue to provide assistance once they've been alerted that a DNR is in place. Continuing to work on you at that point is assault, illegal imprisonment, and all medical bills should the patient not make a full recovery.. You can't help someone who has refused to grant their consent, and that's what advanced medical directives are - a refusal to grant consent to medical treatment. So says the supreme court.

It's my body, my decision, same as what you want to do with your body is your decision. Anything else is quite simply unconstitutional.

Comment Some don't know how good they have it (Score 1) 153

I know the point of this is that there is a significant cost to not having reliable high speed access. However some of us remember the days when your computer connected by a modem at 300 baud and that was pretty good. I recently found myself trying to explain a modem to a high school student... that is one exercise guaranteed to make you feel old. I could have just as well given up and said we sent everything by certified pterodactyl.

Comment Re:Does not compute (Score 1) 373

Let's be optimistic for a second. If robots and AI take over more and more of the jobs that humans used to do, then the products those jobs produce will decrease in price. Perhaps they'll decrease to the point where they cost little or nothing. And then we may be in a Star Trek TNG society where money doesn't exist, because duh, nobody needs to buy anything.

Where can I make reservations to eat at Cisco's?

Comment The democratic party is a lost cause (Score 1) 1

Democrats need to go Scorched Earth now, but won't, because they're pathetic.

Spot on, but it's the voters that are pathetic, so wimpy, whiny, and flaccid, and a little fascist themselves, not really that liberal. The party does a good job exploiting it.

We should never abandon our principals, but we do when voting for anybody who serves the democratic party. We are voting for "compromise" and appeasement. I am very pleased to see democrats losing territory, but losing to the republicans is not really a "loss", being the tag team partners they are. The incumbents still won 97% of the vote, the incumbent party won 100%. That should be a reminder that little has changed despite the Trump factor. And the money is flowing in like mad.

So, now we got Trump. We just have to suck it up. I dare say the democrats intended it that way. Fuck them. Until enough people turn their backs on both factions, this is the way things will continue to be.

Comment Re:We'll see how long this lasts... (Score 1) 86

I could see this being a bill that Trump would want his friends in the house and senate to quickly get to work on writing out of existence. They will probably have lawyers preparing a case to bring to trial soon in hopes of getting a court to overturn it.

Why is this modded troll? This was exactly the first thing I thought of too. Trump has repeatedly and rabidly stated how he will persecute anyone that says bad things about him. The first amendment is already going to give him a lot of trouble in that regard.

Are you that new here? Slashdot has had a decidedly conservative majority voice for many years now. I was moderated troll for daring to suggest that Trump is not the greatest leader since the dawn of man kind (minus St. Ronnie, of course).

Trump will work hard at reducing the constitution to something will less value than used toilet paper. Meanwhile the slashdot conservatives will soon champion what a great idea that is.

Comment Re:Another one to add to the list (Score 1) 13

the warpath

LOL, you really do love making mountains out of molehills.

Keep trying to deny that you are just whining.

I'm not denying it. I'm asking you for proof to support your bizarre claims. Which you can't do. Thanks for playing!

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