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Comment Re:How much for a de-gorped phone? (Score 1) 198

It's not that hard. I bought my last 8 core/ 3 GB ram/IPS 1080p screen/ dual sim phone for $150 USD including shipping.. It does GSM/3G/LTE with no trouble. My carrier (Telus) keeps trying to get me to buy a phone from them but I don't want to lose the "bring your own phone" discount. I also don't want to lose the ability to just drop in another SIM card when I travel.

Comment Re:Driving yes, but charging? (Score 1) 990

(Sarcasm) Very mathematical (/sarcasm)

A few seconds last you two days of driving? Do you only drive a mile a day? 10 miles? 30 miles? You are giving us an emotional answer to make you feel good about your car... Which none of us really cares about. We want to know how good is a charge that is about the same time as a gas fill will give us on an electric car.

No we don't. With gas, cars must be supervised during the refueling process for safety reasons so refueling time is important. With electric you don't need to stand there and watch the car recharge, you can go off and do something else so the charging time is not wasted just standing there. Where I live (Montreal) malls, community centers and offices provide charging stations. This means the car can be charging while I'm at work, at home asleep,or while I'm eating/shopping etc so the time is not wasted the same way that if I were stuck standing there for the entire refill time.

Comment Re:What a joke... (Score 3, Informative) 113

I think people who actually need to tow things are the niche market since most people don't. Most people here go from home to work, home to drop the kids at school, home to the store etc and for that the range of the Tesla is good enough. On top of that, instead of 2-5 minutes filling up, you can fill up overnight or use one of the higher power chargers at the shopping mall (Several malls here in Montreal have them) and have a full charge when you are done shopping or eating. If you think about it, it's actually a more efficient use of your time since you no longer have to supervise the car while it charges. It's just a matter of not thinking of "refueling the car" as a separate task the way we do now. If we can get the low hanging fruit of small car needs, we will vastly reduce how much crap we put unto the air and reduce the money we are sending to crazy Monarchies in the middle east who then use a bunch of that money in ways that cause us trouble.

Comment Re:Apple Tv is for suckers (Score 1) 111

Yeah, but that would mean having to run Android. Sorry, I've experienced the fragmented culture all you suckers love and I'll pass. I want to watch TV, not tinker with a unit like it was a pet project.

disclaimer: I'm not the OP.

No tinkering and an added bonus is that the Android device handles streaming off of network storage and handles more video formats than Apple TV.

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