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Comment Re:How is everyone supposed to use Emacs? (Score 1) 505

You must live in a country which has a nice '[' key on the keyboard. Most keyboards in the world access those symbols with Alt-Gr.

(Sucks to be them, I know...but this will make it suck even worse)

Most of my keyboards have the Alt Gr stuff. That doesn't mean I have to use the stupid localized layout that's printed on the keys. I use UK or US layouts because I want to enjoy programming and Unix shells without tying my fingers in a granny knot.

Comment Content Quality (Score 1) 77

Netflix's "original" content has improved greatly over time. In contrast - while they do have some good stuff - the available non-original offerings have gone down in quality.

So really, this is kinda like saying "people love our house special more than anything else" when in reality it's partly because you've eliminated the other dishes that were popular.

Not that this is all Netflix's fault, as much of the lack of content is likely due to licensing issues with Big Media.

Comment What's the problem (Score 1) 74

Unless they're sending access codes or something sensitive like that, what's the issue? You get a page that valve #2 or tower #3 is malfunctioning, so go in and fix it. Is that really overly useful information to third parties?

Perhaps they're worried that attackers will be able to use these to verify their attacks are working? Sorry, but if an attacker is able to remotely access systems to cause a "reactor leak" then he/she can probably see any internal statuses beyond the pagers.

There's a trade-off between response time and security. If you have to go through ten layers of security, a TSA pat-down, a body scan, and a cavity search before you can get in to fix a critical issue then the problem is going to be a lot worse by the time you get to address it. Notifications are similar. Sometimes simple: easy to read and reliable is better than uber-secure but complex/unreliable. Sometimes complexity just adds to the potential points of failure.

Comment Re: No you don't (Score 1) 239

But how often do they upgrade?

I heard same argument for mainframes. Sure I heard they exist but I have never seen one before because hardly anyone uses them today.

The PC is dying. Just because it is not dead yet doesn't mean it's on decline. Millennials can use an iPad with office fine for most office tasks and their phones and use a cloud. The pc is niching

Comment Re:Here comes the "Trump 1" (Score 3, Insightful) 893

This is the most massive case of projection I've ever seen. Who's Trump going to start the war with? Russia shouldn't be an enemy. China? They're run by engineers, you couldn't start a nuclear war with them if you tried.

On the other hand, Hillary took the initiative in starting wars, the Libyan civil war comes to mind. She also represents the interests of the banks, the arms manufacturers, and the Washington DC establishment. You know, the ones who continually demand that wars start.

Comment Re:Hmm (Score 1) 893

I don't know if you've been following the news for the last 4 years but we have been deliberately provoking Russia for quite a while now. You know about the situation in Ukraine, right?

As for Hillary, her husband raped several women, and she attacked his rape victims. Really. In public, without any apparent sense that what she was doing was wrong. She was trying to discredit these rape victims. It's on tape. Who needs her emails?

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