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Comment Re:Fundamental Damage (Score 1) 108

Normally I'd attribute a comment like that to an edgy kid, but seeing as it's a 5 digit account that means the account has been around probably since the 90s. So I'm thinking less edgy kid and more did so many drugs they think their body's a temple and will live past the Singularity. Probably does smart drugs, polyphasic sleep, caloric starvation and any one of a hundred other crazy fads to try and live to their 150th birthday.

Comment Re:What do you mean "cross the border"? (Score 1) 108

Yeah BC's its own special snowflake. With the MSP premiums and all too. Speaking of which did you see our idiot Premier the other day fully admitted that MSP premiums "just go into a bucket" and they aren't actually earmarked for healthcare?

“I think everybody in the room knows that MSP premiums don’t go to pay health care, right?” Clark told the business audience. “Anything more than your school taxes go to pay for education or your income taxes go to pay for roads. It all ends up in one big pot of money and we just happen to give it that name.”

How the hell does this woman still have the Premier's chair, and why aren't the local newspapers tearing her to shreds over that comment?

Comment Re:18:9 Display? (Score 1) 78

What's the difference between an 18:9 display and a 2:1 display?

Duh, obviously the former has 9 times more* pixels than the latter.

*(Actually, it's 8 times more, or 9 times as much, in each linear dimension, so 81 times as much in total. But this is marketing, so don't worry about the techy details.)

Comment What do you mean "cross the border"? (Score 4, Insightful) 108

There's border crossing for medical treatment, but it's not the Canadians doing it....

However, these lengthy wait times don't actually translate to a mass migration of patients popping across the border for surgery or specialist appointments. Though some of Canada's wealthiest patients may choose to do this rather than wait, they represent fewer than half a percent.... Meanwhile, the Centers for Disease Control estimates 750,000 Americans travel outside the country for medical treatments each year.

Neither I or anyone I know has ever gone to the US for a medical procedure. We get US TV up here and to be frank watching commercials where American hospitals advertise for customers fills us with horror. To us it's a service. That'd be like you watching commercials for different police forces to call when your house is being invaded.

> I notice that you aren't even posting any links. Nice to have blind faith but I prefer facts.

What "link" do you want? My medical records? Or polls? Here's one:

In that one, 6% of US respondants were very happy with their care, and 44% very dissatisfied, compared to 16% of Canadians very happy and 17% very dissatisfied. On the surface I'd say that pretty much torpedoed what few points you had.

But hey, you want more? Fill your boots:

And I know anecdotes aren't data, etc etc. but here's a Reddit forum asking Canadians what they think of their healthcare vs the US system with some answers from people who have experienced both:

And here's a story I read a few years ago about another American convert to Canada which really kind of shocked me as to how shitty the US system is if you're not loaded:

"When I asked for prayers for my little brother who had been burned in an accident, they were all puzzled why the story did not include immediately rushing him to the hospital. When they asked me to clarify and I explained that many people in the States are not insured and they try to put off medical care unless absolutely needed, they literally could not comprehend such a thing."

Seriously? This is the sort of system you think is way better than going to a hospital for $0 and getting looked at?

Another anecdotal thing I've noticed is in Canada when someone says they were in a car accident, the first thing many say is "Oh! Are you all right?!" In the States among friends and coworkers a story like that gets a response of "Ohmygod! Did you sue?" Which initially struck me as money hungry until I realized that in many cases if you *don't* sue you can be financially ruined by a simple ambulance ride and a broken bone.

Another one off story:

Saw that the other day. Long story short, guy in Alaska is internet-famous on for hosting some obscure radio show on the weekend. Bad road conditions caused him to wreck and he had to be air evaced to a large hospital. Bill is $200K. He has insurance but it only covers 80%. Him and his wife are kind of screwed financially now. In Canada, you know what they would have paid for ? Parking at the hospital. Maybe $20 a day. Oh, and snacks from the vending machine.

Comment Re:No surprise... (Score 1) 209

> and a lot of people (you don't see many people offering to lower their salary) do as well.

That's apples to oranges. People don't take a salary based on what their life costs to live, they are paid based on what value they bring to the company. And in general peoples' value to the company they work at *rises* over time instead of decreasing as they gain experience both in the industry and in the inner workings of the company.

Comment Re:but but but .. (Score 1) 71

IE 11/Edge may not be safer. I just feel Chrome kind of has an unfair advantage and I dislike the whole concept we have with the way the web works security wise. If you want a pro MS version of this head to Trust me, you will be shocked if you feel this site is pro MS haha.

I go to both sites as I want to hear both sides of stories. There are some on who do run Linux in the forums, but it is very anti android and pro MS phone and want exciting new .NET technology or Surface will be coming next kind of stories.

Comment Re:but but but .. (Score 2, Insightful) 71

Microsoft Edge running under windows is the most secure browser on the planet, Microsoft says so.

As much as it is fashionable to bash MS at this anti MS website I will ask if you think Chrome is any better? It is kind of unfair as of course Google won't disclose it's own bugs.

The problem is anything that executes programs (javascript and flash count even if they are not compiled) from anywhere on an untrusted world wide platform is stupid beyond belief!

Perhaps we can replace javascript once logic can be performed through CSS. Of course at that point I would imagine CSS would then become an attack vector.

I will bash MS on this though, SMB is a security issue (old SMB like in server 2003/XP especially) and I wonder why a browser would use this? Sharepoint integration perhaps from an era of IE 7 when MS was thinking a browser is an operating system? This should be seperated

Comment Re:I blame Trump. (Score 4, Insightful) 1092

That man opened the door for lunatics like this. His followers are gleefully jumping through the door and this is what we get as a nation. I also blame the GOP for this because of their desire for power in Washington. They let this happen unchecked.

Trump may be aggravating it, but this isn't new. Some idiot attacked Sikhs a few years ago because he thought their turbans meant they were Muslims.

Racism doesn't always attract the brightest bulbs.

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