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Comment Re:uranium runs out (Score 2) 307

Good catch. Thorium can't be used to produce weaponizable plutonium. My recollection is:

P-239 is weapons-grade plutonium.

U-238 is weapons-grade uranium.

P-238 is an alpha emitter, degrading to U-234(5?) (i.e. it skips U-238).

Thorium produces P-238 (and not P-239/U-238), so it is not useful for nuclear fission weapons.

In any case, I recall back in the debate about uranium or thorium reactors, DoD refused to produce Thorium precisely because they cannot be used to produce nuclear weapons.

Comment Re:If you're using Excel you're doing it wrong (Score 1) 301

98% of the Excel usage I've seen in in appropriate.

But for 98% of THAT, the "appropriate" tool would have been a database.

Which usually requires a dedicated database server (we DO want to do it right after all this time), a DBMS including team for operating and maintanance, complete knowledge of the database design beforehand (in research?) and admin resources to set up the database.

So we blew out thousands of $ and haven't stored a single line of data yet. But at least we did it right.

And we still don't have a useable frontend for data entry and reporting, and can't send out the data to a reviewer in a different organisation in a file they can open as they would an Excel file

All in all, doing things the the "appropriate" way is wishful thinking. So people are going for 2nd best alternative to a proper database, but Access is not installed for various reasons. And that's why they end up with Excel. sad, but nothing you can blame the user for.

Comment Re:Laptop? (Score 1) 111

For that matter, why would they say PlayStation 3 games are coming to PC instead of PlayStation 3 game videos are coming to PC.

Streaming videos of games are not games.

Are you trolling, or just mentally challenged? It's streaming the game, not just a video of the game. It's no different than playing said game any other way other than the processing is all being done 'in the cloud' with only input and display being handled at the endpoint.

Comment Re:Shitty autocorrect in shitty programm ... (Score 1) 301

A software that tries to think for me without communicating this, that tries to babysit me (remember Clippy?) is bound to be somewhere between extremely annoying and dangerous, depending on the situation you want to use it in.

"Hello! It seems you just imported a long list of names, but some dates and a few numbers slipped into what otherwise seems to be text." Would haven be the kind of "babysitting" that told the user that some values showed an "anomaly" (compared to the others) and would either prevent mistakes (table header slipped into data rows) or reminded the user to set the data type for a column.

Comment Re:Absolutely not limited to scientific publicatio (Score 1) 301

then you only need a way to attach that database to that email with the excel file, too....

But yes, that would be the proper way. But we would still need a lightweight database-as-simple-document format. Heck, that even COULD BE Excel with a special type of data-worksheets in a document that enforce data structure and do not allow formatting. For all teh use cases where you don't need the performance or multi-user or transactions/data integrity/replication of an actual database server.

The task of mailing out a file with database-data should be much simpler.

Comment Re:Not strictly Excel's fault (Score 1) 301

1b) Lack of a appropriate tool to wrap up stuff that should be in a database (or has been extracted from a database) for display and distribution.

There is a reason why people the spreadsheet-hammer - it is still better suited than the word processor screwdriver or the plain text chainsaw., or the pdf/png belt sander.

Comment Re:It was user error, not a spreadsheet problem .. (Score 1) 301

Here is why for those without the background.
Typed variables in a database completely eliminate this issue.

If the users had used a database, even one of the MS ones (one of which newbies can deal with within a week), that would have solved it which was the poster above's point that you were unable to grasp

And how would that helped when publishers requested their supplementary data in Excel format?

They are scientists and more likely than not the did use some tools for scientific number crunching ("R") or similar that kept and processed data in typed variables or even kept the raw data in an actual database. But you can't ship your Oracle server to reviewers by email and in lack of a document-like database format, peope are turning to Excel.

Comment Re:Wait, what? (Score 1) 301

I don't know how much number crunching was actually involved here. I suspect the problem comes from using a spreadsheet as a database.

Because databases are, you know, hard.

Yeah. Great.

But WHY are they so hard? Because usually, a "database" is something that is installed and stored on a network server and you can't mail a network server to your colleague, costumer or publisher. So even if you KNOW that a database would be the right tool for the job at hand, you end up with your data in a spreadsheet. Either to send it to someone or by receiving it from someone else.

The only alternative that would offer searching, filtering, sorting (in general: querying) features that you need to work with raw data (or even long lists) would be Access. I never understood why the wool that made using databases where it made sense to use them as easy as working with a doc file has been so frowned upon by the same "experts" that now complain that users use the next best thing instead: Excel.

Comment Re:You know I could get in to something like this (Score 1) 79

Well personally I've been quite happy with a number of the new features. Also security isn't irrelevant to me, given that I do work to keep my device secure by updating it, by running security software, and be screening what I install and only installing things I need.

I am talking about MY interest in something and ya, having new versions of software is something that I consider. If I'm getting a new device that is something I want.

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