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Comment Re:Geometry is hard, as is geography (Score 1) 319


Marine navigation was probably the first and most important use case for maps that were exact in one aspect. (for land navigation, rough sketches were as usefull as long as they contained landmarks)

And when someone wanted an actual map for the first time, they went for the most important and best known map.

Comment Re:Cost (Score 2) 266

For two feet, fly business class. But who needs this? They only can sell that at all because economy became so crappy.

Just raise the standard again. By those two inces in width, by those two inches in legroom. Give everyone a decent sandwich.

I'm NOT going to pay extra if an airline wants to divide pasengers further into the poor cattle and the "luxury" of "economy plus" where in the end they charge you $50 for that sandwich and a bag with a towel and a sleeping mask, but I'll pick an airline that offers better basic service if the difference is no more than say, $100.

Comment So what's the problem? (Score 1) 456

People desperately need a universal solution which is secure, decentralized, fault tolerant, not attached to your phone number, protects your privacy, supports video and audio chats and sending of files, works behind NATs and other firewalls and has the ability to send offline messages.

So why don't they flock to XMPP then? Anything that there isn't a at least an extension for it?

Comment Wrong metric (Score 1) 498

Do we have to continue having this bullshit debate?

"password" has an entropy of 28.7 bits and will be cracked more or less instantly

entropy is the wrong metric here

hsorgsrx has the same entropy (8 lower case letters), but won't be cracked BEFORE the actual brute force attack (where entropy matters) is launched. Your 10 year old kid would probably try typing "password" manually before even thinking of which automated tool to use....

Comment Re:Bus downtime; housing cost gradient (Score 4, Insightful) 469

it's selfish people who don't use mass transit

If you live in a city that doesn't run its buses from 8:45 PM to 5:45 AM (source), and you're given hours at night, you need a car in order not to have to spend the majority of your paycheck on a taxi or lose your job. If you live in a city that doesn't run its buses on Sundays, and you're given hours on Sunday, you need a car in order not to have to spend the majority of your paycheck on a taxi or lose your job.

And if you're paying for a car anway, you don't want to pay the same amount again for a month pass, even if your usual hours are not at night or on sunday.

Comment Easiest way to gain back control (Score 1) 469

Easiest way to get control back to the traffic planners would be to provide waze with highly dynamic information where traffic planners would like to send the cars to to minimize congestion. And if traffic planners would like them to be stuuck in a traffic jam they should look up their job description or for other jobs.

Comment Re:Good advice to apply in practice (Score 1) 199

The biggest part of the "human error" factor was that the PwC guy who was passed out the envelopes was spending his time on his smartphone, tweeting to his followers. That, more than anything else, led to the mistake.

You can debate about fonts and typography all you want, but if the person who is responsible for handing out the correct envelope is too busy tweeting "OMG THE OSCARS ARE SO COOL! #iamcooltoo" to pay attention to his job, then mistakes are going to happen.

Yes, but there are two different things going on here:

The guy with the envelope screwing up. Yes, that would not have been avoided by any typography.

But it would have been NOTICED that the guy just screwed up. THAT would have been the advantage of good typography. One more line of defense.

Comment Re:Interesting story (Score 1) 553

but a non-programmer (such as a shoe or underwear bomber)

A real programmer would have noticed that these are NOT mutually exclusive. Why can't a programmer be a shoe bomber?

You're not a real programmer just because you know a few algorithms*. But that's how bugs happen. Forgetting to test for a 2nd condition after falsely asuming it would be implied by the first validity test and so on....

* I probably couldn't do a search tree balancing on a whiteboard, but better programmers couldn't, too

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