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Comment In other words (Score 5, Insightful) 80

"permissioned" blockchain systems,"

"managed by designated administrators under agreed governance rules,"

In other words: They are doing something completely different, but still call it "blockchain" because that's the current buzzword.

Reminds be a bit of what "cloud" should have stood for until it became a generic moniker for simple online storage.

Comment Re: Double your storage by making a hole. (Score 1) 193

No. He thinks of 5.25'' as used in the CBM1541 (Read: C64)

Unlike anyone else, that was a single side drive so you had to flip the disc over. But to write to the other side you had to cut a whole for the optical write protect check, but not into the actual magnetic disc.

Comment Re:Free market in communications (Score 1) 98

And that's why the heavy government regulation of email is why I can send an email from my account to anyone, no matter what mail-provider he or she is using?

I see where you're coming from, but you can't dismiss email as a one-off event.

I'd say it's not regulation (or lack thereof) that is to blame, but rather a sense of competition instead of cooperation. After all, communication is about cooperating. Or used to be, until it became a euphemism for marketing, propaganda and all other kinds of misinformation.

Comment Re:No, they didn't. $15 Android phone vs $650 (Score 1) 395

You mean from the Google Store? Google doesn't make hardware (well, I heard they made the Pixel C). The contract companies like HTC, LG, and Samsung to make phones that are Google branded. They supply the software. The profits from the sale go to the hardware company, not Google.

Wouldn't that be like money from selling iPhone going to Foxconn instead of apple as they make the actual phone?

Comment Re: Paranoid much (Score 2) 168

Well, yes.

But is it more ore less paranoid than wondering if that webcam activity LED can actually be switched on and off independently from the camera by the device driver software? (which it usually is. Not due to malice, but to bad or "unsafe" design)

And most camera sensors today ARE already IR cams due to sensor characteristics. Most have an IR filter to improve image quality in sunlight, but again, it wouldn't even take malice to cut that filter for cost saving reasons.

Comment Re:Paranoid much (Score 2) 168

You can't get a camera in the air vent from a drive-by download from an otherwise reputable website that had the bad luck of its ad content network being hacked.

And the workaround with the tape wouldn't even be necessary if the camera LED would be hardwired to the camera reliably across laptop manufacturers and not switched on and of by the driver on a goodwill base.

Comment Re:I've always thought this (Score 4, Funny) 145

Of course, having a slightly choppy computer voice is one way of overcoming the uncanny valley. Holding a conversation with a dead person might be unnerving for some people. Hearing the little clips and weird tone changes as the voice is reassembled would be a constant reminder that you're actually talking to a computer, not a person, and might be of some comfort.

So we are recreating the voice of a dead person as a computer voice to honor the person who actually gave a computer a human voice. That's no uncanny valley, that's a first class uncanny round-trip!

Comment Re:I've always thought this (Score 3, Informative) 145

That's how the synthetic voices of Siri and Cortana are made, too. Voice actors read texts, the recordings are split up into phonemes and these are then used to synthesize the actual words we can hear. These computer voices aren't made on a word-by-word basis anymore.

The recorded text however are nonsense texts that are specially designed to contain a maximum phonem variety in a minimum of recorded text and that way of course it's known how many vairants of each phonem are available exactly where in the recording. So, with enough recorded material it should be possible to extract the same phonem variety. It's just more work as you have to find them first

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