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Comment Re:NIMBY in full effect (Score 1) 445

Actually the ball is still in your court. You are trying to claim that there is a systematic effort to kill patients on organ donor lists and all you have produced is a two half baked sites that appear to run by pro-life sites that would make Terry Schiavo's relatives wince with their conspiracy mongering. The news article is from 14 years ago, couldn't find anything more relevant?

There is nothing in the site you have given that doesn't appear to be cherry-picked justifications for people's selfish, paranoia. I won't call you a denier, but I will call you a conspiracy crank. Because you'd rather believe dedicated, trained health professionals would make less of an effort to save your life due to a tick on a card.

Comment Re:Welcome to the Trump future... (Score 4, Insightful) 497

I can not even begin to tell you how dumb this idea is. Are you seriously going to haggle with the emergency staff, as they're about to treat your heart attack? What about when your s.o. finds a lump in their breasts/chest? What are you going to tell your kid, when they get lymphoma? "Sorry sweetie. You deserve the best, but we can only afford to send you to that guy that operates out of a dumpster." And what's the point of scrutinizing your medical bills when the medical insurance companies in your area are monopolies.

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