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Comment Re: Loneliness? It's hard to be left alone! (Score 2) 105

I live in Germany. Same shite, different country. Lived in South Africa for 25 years. Same shite, different country. Worked in Mexico France, Turkey, Denmark and known people from Ecuador, Argentina, Brazil and loads of places. Same shit, different country. The nicest guy I know in the world is a muslim Arab from Palestine. The biggest jerk I know comes from South America.

Europeans who point their fingers at the USA all the time in some kind of mass hysteria are idiots

Comment Re:M$ wouldn't let devs recompile Win32 apps for A (Score 1) 206

Yes, sadly this is why I do not think Apple's walled garden of iOS is all that bad. IT is good to have SOMEONE responsible keep the goddamn hackers at bay. People whine too much about the NSA and the CIA. Sure, they are running a surveillance state but they are really not interested in you, unless you look like some violent towelhead.

The criminals? The spammers? The phishers? They will f*ck you over twice on a Sunday. They are the real problem. And no-one seems too worry too much about that.

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