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Comment Re:Neckbeard Bigly (Score 3, Informative) 113

Context. Everyone, left and right, are getting sick to death of PC and Trump blatantly ignored it - mocked it. Being polite and civil never works in the middle of a fight and the PC crowd had stepped from annoying to confrontational to open conflict years ago. I sincerely hope the PC culture continues to implode like a domino spiral.

Comment Re:Why link your name to Armenian genocide anyhow? (Score 2) 341

He's been in less then a month and he has alienated a significant percentage of the voting public.

Bullshit. What he's done as Pres has nothing to do with it. They came in feeling and screaming their alienation from the moment he was selected nominee and haven't abated since. If he had instead done other things these last two weeks, they would have *still* felt alienated.

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