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Comment Re:Aiming at the wrong target (Score 1) 83

almost *any* new car will be more efficient than a beater that's been on the road for 20-30 years

The cost it takes to manufacture vs the already existing car has to be weighed in. That's a lot of carbon. Reality dictates we start measuring effect from the now.

Comment Uninterested in a personal relationship (Score 3, Insightful) 38

with my appliances. That's for some of the people I know, not any machines.

I don't want it cracking jokes some marketer thinks I should hear - I have TV for that.
I don't want it cooing soothing burbles if the "AI" figures I'm not feeling up to snuff. I have friends for that.
I don't want it trying to carry on a faux conversation with me. I get enough of that crap in the real world.

In short, if I at all want a voice interactive machine, I want it to listen to what I command, interpret said command correctly, execute it correctly and then, if warranted, respond with the results.

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