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Comment Re:We tried to tell people (Score 3, Informative) 205

*Some* of us tried to tell people it was a terrible idea. A lot of /.ers thought it was just a peachy thing and volubly heckled us about it, laying out in great detail how beneficial it was to have your refrigerator keep your grocery list for you to check as you shopped, be able to automatically turn you lights on and off as you went to and from work, etc.

Comment Re:addressing the wrong problem. again. (Score 1) 140

Yes it does, it's your stuff. If people abuse it, even in just your opinion, it's your prerogative simply stop making it available. Unless you're promoting that once offered the "community" can *force* you to keep making it available instead of ponying up the resources you were. Is that your position?

Comment Re:addressing the wrong problem. again. (Score 4, Insightful) 140

They're preventing people from viewing material they consider objectionable.

Their hubs, their rules. This is a classic example of the tragedy of the commons. There's always some douche who wants to abuse it. I'm curious as to why your ire isn't directed at the abusers.

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