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Comment Re:Duh (Score 1) 538

cloud SLAs are a joke. That's the point. If a cloud outage takes your application down, the appropriate parties to blame are those responsible for application design and operations architecture. You can't just take an app designed for a datacenter and naively move it to amazon and expect HA. You need to design for failure and automate the hell out of provisioning. The ideal is to either load balance across multiple providers or automate the living hell out of provisioning and backup until you can reliably get DR times in the 5 minute range.

Comment Re:What's the point? (Score 2, Informative) 289

Thanks for your useful input. I'm glad that, knowing nothing about the question asked, you decided to answer anyway.

This app behaves much more like a standalone GPS device that you can mount on your dashboard; it has preloaded maps, 3d perspective, voice prompts, offline use, etc.

I've been using garmin's GMobileXT on my S60 phone for a while, which is pretty much an exact port of a low-end Garmin device, except it has data access and can use AGPS for faster locks. It's kind of nice for trips but 99% of the time I just need a quick answer, and the google maps application is more than acceptable (plus, it's been getting better and better lately: now it's got street view, latitude, layers, transit directions -- it already owns offline apps in all respects except voice prompts and the fact that you have to constantly press zero to recenter on your location.)

Comment Re:26 years (Score 1) 921

to add a datapoint, I'm 24 in the US and our school had mandatory cursive instruction from first through fifth grade. As in it was a class given euqal time as History and Math. In retrospect, that's just stupid. Except when i have to decipher notes from my grandmother.

Comment Re:MPC Homecinema (Score 1) 488

By far the best feature of the Homecinema fork is its ability to completely remove tearing when you enable Direct3D Fulscreen in the Output settings. Every computer I've ever owned exhibits some tearing when playing 720p/1080p content, and it's especially bad on integrated graphics. Without exception, mpc-hc eliminates this.

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