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Submission + - GPL'd Linux supported H.264 capture card (bluecherrydvr.com)

azop writes: Almost a year ago Slashdot covered the story of a MPEG-4 multiple input capture card with a GPL Video4Linux licensed driver (http://linux.slashdot.org/story/10/06/17/1929230/Bluecherry-Releases-GPLd-MPEG-4-Driver). Earlier this year Ben Collins added H.264 support into the solo6x10 Video4Linux2 GPL driver (https://github.com/bluecherrydvr/solo6x10/commit/7fac80bba138d2e0d01f76c6a7eb7174409ec5a7). The H.264 PCIe cards are finally released and shipping to customers (http://www.bluecherrydvr.com/2011/05/multi-input-h-264-linux-supported-encoder-cards/). The new cards support faster frame rates and sport a PCIe interface. The driver is available for forkin' on Github (https://github.com/bluecherrydvr/solo6x10).

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