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Submission + - Canonical crowdsources to make Ubuntu smartphone called Edge (pcpro.co.uk) 1

nk497 writes: Canonical has kicked off a crowdfunding campaign to raise $32 million in 30 days to make its own smartphone, called Ubuntu Edge, that can also hook up to a monitor and be used as a PC. If it meets its funding target on Indiegogo, the Ubuntu Edge is scheduled to arrive in May 2014. To get one, backers must contribute $600 (£394) on the first day or $810 (£532) thereafter. Canonical will only make 40,000 of the devices.

Submission + - Valve officially acknowledges Steam for Linux (valvesoftware.com)

Gaygirlie writes: "While it has been known for quite a while now that Valve is indeed working on a Linux-port of Steam they haven't actually admitted to the fact before. Well, now they have on their Steam for Linux — blog with the announcement that they're targeting Ubuntu 12.04 at first, are hard at work at optimizing their already-native port of L4D2 and will in the future try to support other distributions as well."

Submission + - Valve Software Confirms Work on Steam Client for LInux (valvesoftware.com)

oakgrove writes: "Valve Software today in a new blog devoted specifically to Steam on Linux called Steam'd Penguins has confirmed that for more than a year a Steam client has been in the works for Ubuntu Linux. Also, in the blog post it has been confirmed that a working port of Left for Dead 2 is currently fully playable."

Submission + - Mono Shifting From Linux to iOS/Android (itworld.com)

jfruhlinger writes: "One of the people who lost his job in the Novell-Attachmate deal was Miguel de Icaza, who heads up the Mono project that was started to make .Net/C# programming on Linux possible. Now he's at a new startup, Xamarin, that aims to bring C# not to Linux but to iOS and Android instead. One of the great ironies of this is that Microsoft's Windows 8 is priviledging Web-based dev technology over .Net, much to the dismay of .Net programmers. These folks could have become a resource for Linux development — but now it looks like they'll be funneled into hotter mobile platforms."

Submission + - Duck Duck Go in Firefox 4? (getsatisfaction.com)

gQuigs writes: I am a big supporter of including the Duck Duck Go search engine in Firefox 4. Duck Duck Go is a search engine that donttrack.us, gives back to FOSS, and runs a Tor Hidden Service for even more privacy. Currently many browser give out the search spots based on revenue deals and market-share. The thing is, that will only let the players already leading the search game, stay the only players in the game. Perhaps, it's time for some real competition in the search industry.

If you think like me go show your support

Submission + - Want the Creative Suite for Linux? (getsatisfaction.com) 3

gQuigs writes: An Adobe Employee has responded to an idea about Producing the Creative Suite for Linux.
"I have forwarded this feedback on to the appropriate team who will consider it for future releases of Adobe software." We have an opportunity to show a lot of demand for this by clicking the Like button. Everyone remember Dell IdeaStorm and Ubuntu?


Submission + - Backdoor for Millions Facebook & MySpace Accou (net-security.org) 1

An anonymous reader writes: Yvo Schaap, a young Dutch application developer on Facebook, stumbled on a back door into any user account that accesses the application he's working on. He discovered the exploitable mistake while trying to get around a function limitation on his application, and realized he could modify the accounts and that his illegitimate interventions into the account couldn't even be traced.

Submission + - Name Node 3 of the ISS for Ubuntu not Colbert (blogspot.com)

gQuigs writes: "Collectively we can name node 3 of the International Space Station after Ubuntu. Taking on Stephen Colbert might be just what Ubuntu needs to get the attention of a lot more users that may not have heard of it. Also Ubuntu really is a better name that captures the international collaboration that is the space station.

Go Vote For Ubuntu Here!

Read more at my blog, including an attempt at convincing Serenity supporters."

Linux Business

Submission + - Dell release Ubuntu 7.10-powered PCs (desktoplinux.com) 1

sjvn writes: "The official word will be out any minute now, but in the meantime DesktopLinux has learned that Dell will be releasing Ubuntu 7.10 (http://www.desktoplinux.com/news/NS7924076658.html) on a laptop and desktop with immediate availability. And, as an extra added bonus, they're tossing in legal DVD-playback capability. In a word: "Neat!""
Linux Business

Submission + - RAD Tool for developing C/S on Linux

SpikeyMike writes: Hi /. I'm a long-time developer for the Win32 platform. For the past 8+ years, my development tool of choice for client/server applications has been Power Builder. For those who don't already know, Sybase bought this tool a few years back. Part of my job entails developing a long-term strategy for the business. I've started with our server room and have migrated everything off of Windows servers and replaced them with Linux. Our network has never run faster or more trouble-free, by the way. My next step is to replace the desktops with Linux, but we have a few line of business applications (done in PB) that are holding things up. I proposed using Wine or Crossover office, but management prefers a native solution, even if that means re-writing our LOB applications. So my question to the community is this: What cross-platform development tool is recommended for Rapid Application Development for client/server applications? So far, I've looked very closely at Eiffel Studio (http://www.eiffelstudio.com), and it appears to fit the bill. I was hoping to tap the vast knowledge of the community before I made any decisions. I should add that I'm not a .NET fan, and would not consider MONO a solution. Thanks for your input! -Mike

Feed The Register: Dell moves 40,000 Ubuntu PCs (theregister.com) 1

Frugal faithful

Dell agreed to ship PCs and laptops with the Ubuntu operating system after more than 130,000 people promoted the notion on the company's IdeaStorm web site. It would seem, however, that only a fraction of these zealots were willing to back their votes with cash.

United States

Submission + - Font Freedom Day (trumpetpower.com)

TrumpetPower! writes: "On September 29, 1988, the Library of Congress Copyright Office issued a notice of policy decision (4 Mbyte coralized PDF) in the Federal Register “to inform the public that the Copyright Office has decided that digitized representations of typeface designs are not registrable under the Copyright Act because they do not constitute original works of authorship.” In observance of Font Freedom day, go ahead and share some of your favorite fonts with your friends — and do so entirely guilt-free!"

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