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Submission + - When should i386 support for Ubuntu end? (

gQuigs writes: Are you running i386 (32-bit) Ubuntu? We need your help to decide how much longer to build i386 images of Ubuntu Desktop, Server, and all the flavors.

There is a real cost to support i386 and the benefits have fallen as more software goes 64-bit only.

Please fill out the survey ONLY if you currently run i386 on one of your machines. 64-bit users will NOT be affected by this, even if you run 32-bit applications.

Submission + - It's time for internet media to host a presidential debate

gQuigs writes: A petition has reached 100,000 signatures to ask the DNC, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders to participate in a debate hosted by The Young Turks. The Young Turks is one of the biggest (if not the biggest) online news shows with more 1,400,000+ YouTube views a day.

Most other debates have a bunch of partners. What role do you think Slashdot or say Reddit could have as part of the first internet media debate?

Comment Is anyone using Google Photos? (Score 1) 86

I like the idea of it being a backup of my Photos, but there is no official uploader on Linux. (They also pitch it as the opposite, backup from your phone to the cloud. I want to get it to my desktop....)

I want any organization/metadata added to be present in the photos or folder structure itself. Is that possible to do?

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