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Submission + - DUI Defendant Wins Right to Source Code

freshman_a writes: The Minnesota Supreme Court ruled in favor of a man, charged with a DUI, who claimed he needed the source code to the Intoxilyzer 5000EN to fight charges in court. From an article at the Pioneer Press:

"That's the gist of the decision, that it's discoverable," said Underdahl's attorney, Jeffrey Sheridan, of Eagan. "The problem is, the manufacturer of the thing thinks they can hold it back and not tell anybody how it works. For all we know, it's a random number generator."

Submission + - The battle over AT&T's fiber rollout

Tyler Too writes: AT&T is facing heated opposition from some communities where it wants to deploy its U-Verse fiber network. Ars Technica has a feature looking at the situation in the suburbs of Chicago. 'Legal uncertainty is the rule when it comes to IPTV deployments by telecommunications companies. Neither Congress nor the FCC have weighed in on whether services like U-verse require their operators to take out a cable franchise from cities' It's not just Chicago, either: 'With AT&T set to upgrade its infrastructure to support U-verse across its wide service area, this is a battle that could play out in thousands of communities across the country over the next few years.'
The Media

Submission + - Old school Demo Scene meets milli vanilli

SpoonyB writes: A Norwegian band with the silly name Fitts for Fight, consisting of two girls and a considerably older "producer", who have been releasing a few singles and touring for a while, has been discovered systematically stealing all their music from artists. Their latest hit "F**k of and die" is a direct rip of STus (a well known artist)song "STereiod". Adding some lyrics to it and claiming it as their own. They also stole other artists songs.

After being confronted, they are manically trying to hide the thefts by removing most of their music and videos from their webspace and myspacepage, blaming all the thefts on a Ghostproducer that does not exist.


for more details and help identify other tracks that they could have ripped off from the old school Demo Scene
User Journal

Journal Journal: [music] iPod could use a reset button... 5

This afternoon I had a problem with my iPod. I had just downloaded some goodies from iTunes and decided to load them onto the magic box, and the rat bastard decided to freeze. Hard. It did not respond to any kind of input, and the screen was frozen to dim but not off. I could not get it to reset for anything.

XBox (Games)

Submission + - Online Gaming: Individual Sponsorship

An anonymous reader writes: I am a parent of a 14 year old boy who has discovered XBox online gaming. He has established a "friendship" with another player in another state who supposedly has been sponsored (paid to play) online games. The "friend" has convinced my son to do the same and recently called our home saying he had arranged for them to be sponsored by Best Buy and will need information from my son. I am very leary about my son sharing personal information to a stranger and being taken by a scam artist. My biggest fear, however, is he's being preyed upon by an adult. Does sponsorship really happen where retail stores pay individual players to play Xbox games online? If so, how does it work? If not, who do I report this individual to for criminal investigation? Thank you for your expertise, Worried Mom

Submission + - Rotating Solar-Powered Skyscraper

PieEye writes: Wired is pointing out on their Gear Factor blog that there's a skyscraper in the works which will be solar-powered, and what's more will rotate with the sun. Quote: 'The completed tower will offer 200 expensive apartments for people who want to spend lots of money to screw up their circadian rhythym. Singh said they want to build many more such towers, with one for every time zone.'

Submission + - MATC Awards $650k to Open Source Project Leaders

An anonymous reader writes: 2/1940232 The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation awarded $650,000 in prizes this month to ten institutions that have shown exemplary leadership in collaborative, open-source software development, through its 2006 Mellon Awards for Technology Collaboration (MATC). Seven institutions won $50k prizes; three received $100k prizes. NewsForge has the details on the winners. Nominations are opening soon for 2007 MATC awards, at

Submission + - NASA and Google: The Real Press Release

kablukiw writes: "Contrary to the earlier posting regarding the Google-NASA partnership that was based on a year-old press release and a bogus website, here is from the latest press release from today at 11:00AM PDT.

"NASA Ames Research Center and Google have signed a Space Act Agreement that formally establishes a relationship to work together on a variety of challenging technical problems ranging from large-scale data management and massively distributed computing, to human-computer interfaces." Ames_Google.html"

Submission + - New office suite from Germany for FreeBSD, Linux

martin-k writes: "Commercial office suite software is coming to FreeBSD ... and Linux, Windows, Sharp Zaurus and Windows Mobile! SoftMaker, a German developer, today released SoftMaker Office, a multi-platform office suite that excels in Microsoft Office compatibility, is much leaner and faster than and works on many operating systems, down to PDAs."

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