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Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 136

Unfortunately, UEFI has made it entirely possible for a ill-tested operating system installer to brick your system.

If it can be unbricked, it isn't bricked.

Certainly UEFI has provisions for entirely replacing your existing (in this case, failing) hard drive with a brand new blank one and allow you to install an OS on your computer. If not, please point me to the Commodore 64 aisle.

Comment Re:What videos exactly? (Score 1) 244

Advertisers should object to sponsoring STUPID videos, not just hateful ones. They have the ability to empower thoughtful, informative, educational, and enriching videos, yet they actually choose to sponsor some of the DUMBEST POSTERS on YouTube. Don't make millionaires out of idiots who post "React" videos. Make the world better by sponsoring TED videos.

Comment Re:Note to self (Score 1) 221

All printer manufacturers *KNOW* that there is a market for refilled toner/ink cartridges. That's why they implement DRM chips into the cartridge. They can already legally:

- Void the warranty on the printer if a 3rd party cartridge is used.
- Claim copyright infringement of the chip on the cartridge.

Lexmark is just being super greedy. They want the sales of those aftermarket cartridges. However, they don't realize that *IF* they win the court case, people can choose to purchase a printer and cartridge from HP, Epson, or Brother.

Perhaps it's time for an Open-Source Hardware Laser Printer. Everyone has a 3D printer now, thanks to RepRap. It would be a nice idea if we could cut all these greedy bastards out of the business altogether.

Comment Re:Because everybody (Score 5, Informative) 51

Yes. Everybody *SHOULD* listen to Samsung about batteries, because Samsung suffered a HUGE SETBACK with the exploding phones, and therefore are committed to that NEVER HAPPENING AGAIN! They cannot allow it. They cannot afford it.

If Samsung implements their battery check procedure, do you think they will ever having a problem with exploding phone batteries again? I don't think they will.

Comment Re:never understood removing features (Score -1) 263

They have to get Chrome's memory footprint down to the smallest possible quantity. Why? So it can run flawlessly on shitty underpowered Indian cell phones. True fact. You want Chrome to have features you like and can run on your powerful iPhone? Racist.

Comment Typical Google logic (Score -1) 263

I use these features. However I probably use them once a week, at most. I'm sure the spyware, I'm sorry, telemetry people at Google notice this and say, "well we need to eliminate this feature." Just because I use it once a week doesn't mean it's useless. BUT evidently Google has this big fetish for removing every feature to make their products run on shitty Indian underpowered cell phones, so it's all got to go.

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