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Comment Re:I Would Rather Go To Theatres (Score 2) 337

Theaters would have to offer something *REALLY* special to get patrons to go there. You have overpriced snacks, obnoxious patrons who seem to think a movie is a 2-way communication medium, loud/crying children, annoying teenagers, atomic powered air conditioning, interrupting cell phones, only one armrest, and a lottery ticket for you to get shot.

The "movie theater experience" is really losing its ability to outweigh all that.

Comment Smart but foolish (Score 3, Funny) 133

You gotta hand it to the guy for negotiating for the rights to the software. He kinda was *TRYING* to do the right thing by making sure he had the proper rights to the software (presumably before he sold it himself). A more unscrupulous man might just have stolen the software and used it to start his own business without any notification at all.

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