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Comment Star Trek BEER?!?! (Score 1) 86

WTF? Who are the marketing geniuses behind this? "Drink Star Trek Beer, just like the kind you DON'T see on the show."

The whole point of Star Trek is to determine how humanity can be the best it can be, and instead, the Federation of Beer (Canada, go figure), wants to sell beer to Star Trek fans. "Ha! Take that you know-it-all nit-picking trekkies! Have a beer and kill those brain cells. Star Wars Rulez, eh!

Comment Innovation (Score 1) 463

Sure, Apple needs to innovate new features, but the alternative isn't worth the inconvenience.

I would be willing to sacrifice the standard headphone jack if the new phone would somehow manage to beam the audio directly into my brain (not just my ear canal - That could be tapped by unwanted listeners). It should also not require surgery. Now *THAT'S* Innovation!

Comment Re:Question about the logs (Score 1) 219

I don't know why people are freaking out about this. It's not like the car is KITT, and it watches me go into a strip club. It probably just has GPS coordinates. If I drive to a mall and park my car, Tesla isn't going to know which store I went into. It's just going to have the coordinates of the parking lot.

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