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Comment Re:dust (Score 1) 269

I repaired a PC that was primarily used in an automotive repair facility. That's not dust. It's soot from the exhaust. Unsurprisingly, the CD-ROM drive in the machine that I was repairing was nonfunctional because the lens was dirty.

You're right, though. I have no idea how that floppy drive is still operational after 30+ years.

Comment Re:Everything under the sun at Amazon (Score 1) 141

It's even more painful for me. I live in the same state that Digikey is located, so I have a real problem paying that much for shipping when it's not going very far. However, I live far enough from their location so that it's not worth it to drive there. (I don't know if they even offer will-call)

Comment Re:Well duh (Score 1) 141

Even *WITH* Prime, 2-Day shipping is not always 2 days. In fact, I just placed an order yesterday which was eligible for prime. I got a "Shipped" confirmation email this morning, but the expected delivery date is 4 days from now.

Also, sometimes the items are shipped more than 2 days AFTER the order is placed. What good is free 2-Day shipping when it takes them a week *BEFORE* they ship it?

Comment How many times do we have to say this? (Score 1) 249

Listen up and take heed: It's not that you should "Stop buying HP Printers". It's that you should "Stop buying *INKJET* Printers". HP makes plenty of laser printers that last longer and are a WAY better investment than buying an inkjet printer.

OK, so I guess I'll be the one to say it:


Comment Re:Cheaper to get hacked than do security maintena (Score 1) 56

Firstly, when you eventually get hacked IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT.

It's not your fault *THE FIRST TIME*. However, if you get hacked again after implementing fixes, it certainly IS your fault. It's cheaper to do nothing, but when you get hacked, you must do something, and it must be something to implement better security, and notify your users. Taking TWO FUCKING YEARS is way too long.

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