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Comment Re:Making 26 YOs work 80 hour weeks is easier too. (Score 1) 237

Don't forget overpriced. And there just aren't any discounts anywhere on those items (vacuums or fans). The vacuums are just made of plastic, so they are not built to last (just like their engineers). Their "bladeless" fans are a curiosity, but upon close inspection, there is a fan in the base of it that has, well, blades! I would have been more impressed if it was more like the ionic breeze air filter that uses electricity only to move the air.

Maybe he will succeed at making a breakthrough in battery technology, but if it's like his other products, it will be too expensive. What good is a cell phone battery that lasts all week when it costs $400?

Comment Re:Laptop? (Score 2) 124

But it's a *BIG* screen. And I can view it while sitting on a nice comfy couch. It's also connected to a fantastic audio system with really good speakers. Why in the world would I *PAY MONEY* to:

- play games on a smaller screen
- connected to tinny little speakers
- while sitting on an uncomfortable seat while riding the bus?

Comment Re:Fuck me (Score 1) 256

No, you don't get it. You will actually be using the internet MORE. Here's how:
  1. 1. You configure BING as your default search engine.
  2. 2. You browse as you normally do. When you want to search for something, it brings up results from BING.
  3. 3. After seeing this, you manually type in the address bar "google.com" and search for what you were looking for from a GOOD search engine.

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