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Comment Re:i have no problem (Score 1) 377

The problem isn't that they aren't perfect, it's that the "science" will be done with the explicit purpose of coming up with specific, politically actionable results. Anything else WILL be ignored/suppressed/discarded. The end result of such it the abrogation of rights under a false veneer of scientific legitimacy. This is not people doing legitimate science where the results will be openly discussed and dissenters will get a valid say, it's a political hatchet job using "science" as it's justification.

Comment Re:facts vs sterotype (Score 1) 377

Yep. For instance I think mandatory training and licensing is completely reasonable since a TON of people don't get taught by their parents anymore. Yet the Democrats would use that as a bludgeon to strip gun rights away from people en masse, and thus I wouldn't be able to support such a scheme in practice.

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