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Comment Re: What typically happens (Score 1) 209

Preaching to the choir. We even had tech leads who were required to vet escalations to Tier 2 and stuff still got through regularly. There was only a path to Tier 2 for a short time, when I started it was a different contract, when I left there was no Tier 2, they had expanded their in-house Tier 3 support and moved to directly escalating to them.

Comment Re:Is it even possible to buy a new 32 bit chip? (Score 1) 378

Chicken and egg. If there's still maintained OSes running 32-bit then there's no reason for them to swap over, so the swap won't happen unless it's forced. If it's forced then all the systems manufactured until then are made obsolete, and a lot of embedded systems don't have high turnover rates.

Comment Re:Is it even possible to buy a new 32 bit chip? (Score 1) 378

"I'm willing to bet there are still Windows 95 machines running somewhere in mission critical systems in places around the world."

As of about 5 years ago there was one in a paper mill I was working at. Since they were only using it because there was no new drivers for the thing it was plugged into I'm willing to bet it's still there unless it broke.

The IT guy had a copy of Windows 1.0 in a drawer in the server room too.

Comment Re:This will probably be unpopular... (Score 1) 209

On the other hand I worked for Xbox for years and many times we'd have ISPs sending people to us because they could get service to their home so OBVIOUSLY it wasn't the ISPs fault! Except it was. The ISP was providing sub-par service that technically worked, but was out of spec, and so they needed to make adjustments to get the customer back up to speed.

We had an entire group whose primary job was calling ISPs and getting them to fix their shit.

Comment Re:What typically happens (Score 2) 209

Where I worked we couldn't explain anything away, the numbers were basically set in stone except for extreme circumstances like the customer that came back into chat and closed out immediately a dozen times to leave bad surveys.

Doesn't matter if you did everything right, doesn't matter if the customer gave YOU a glowing review, if the overall satisfaction wasn't an 8 or higher you're screwed.

Comment Re: tl;dr (Score 2) 209

Indeed. One of the best parts about doing chat support was being able to tell people "Click on this" and have their problem resolved in 10 seconds instead of having to painstakingly guide them step-by-step through how to get to the page with the instructions.

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