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Comment Here's A Real Programming Language, Boy (Score 0) 304

Java does indeed provide some benefits, such as memory safety. Unfortunately this comes at the cost of

-Garbage Collection, which kills User Experience due to unpredictable freezing of the whole program
-no way to allocate more than just primitive variables on the stack. That eliminates the fastest allocation method of all.
-being forced to use Arrays Of Pointers, when an array of objects would be perfectly sufficient
-being forced to use a pointer when object agggregation would be perfectly sufficient
-being forced to use the GC even if an object tree is in no way cyclic
-not having Destructors

I've create a programming language called Sappeur which has the same memory safety assurances as Java, but does not have all the downsides as listed above. It is still a bit rough around the edges, but it clearly works and demonstrates that the Java inefficiency is not a god-given thing. Sappeur programs start up as fast as any C or C++ program and terminate equally fast. They are nearly as efficient as C++ programs, which means they are much superior to anything you can do in Java or C#

Here it is:

Comment Indeed (Score 0, Insightful) 370

Those who are still in the MS-Office stage of document creation have no business in editing wikipedia. These people mostly have a very shallow view of almost anything, except politics in the corporation. In the "hard" sciences they use LaTeX to do their publications, and that is for a reason. Most people don't have useful knowledge to be contributed to wikipedia over more than two paragraphs, anyway. How hard is it learning how to make a paragraph heading and how to make line breaks ? Real experts in some field (say honey bees) spend thousands of hours in the field and spending a few hours to learn wiki syntax is no big investment relative to that.

Comment Bull$hit (Score -1) 370

Wikipedia is an excellent source of mostly accurate knowledge. Those who want entertainment videos and dumbed-down presentations should go for things like Popular Mechanics. Wikipedia serves as a first point in researching a subject. Further googleing is often required, as is going to a library or ordering a book. Or paying for documents behind a paywall such as those of ACM or IEEE. But Wikipedia does serve its purpose extremely well. Those of limited intellectual capability or limited attention span should just fuck off and eat their fatty food while consuming some equally unhealthy commercial broadcast. We don't help humanity by catering to the intellectual lazy.

Comment Rationally Speaking, Israel Is Most Dangerous (Score -1) 707

They have several German supplied, super-silent submarines equipped with nuclear-tipped cruise missiles. They can take out Iranian culture in about two hours more or less completely. And they are very effective in shitting into western brains so that they can continue their molestation of the Arabs in the Conquered Territories. For some reason, they have fun in Stealing Arab Land at gunpoint.

Comment Windows IS still a Security Nightmare (Score -1) 239

My GF has a Win7 computer and it already has an "additional" toolbar showing up in all Google queries (which she never consciously installed). I told her not to run as Admin, which she does. So I assume, yes, Windows 7 is still Insecure As Hell. Maybe she got it via the Malware-in-icon exploit, which Microsoft Corporation had in all Windows versions since since 1995 (until 2011).

Comment Java Not Realtime Capable (Score 1) 622

Real Java programs freeze occasionally for a second or more to perform garbage collection. That simply kills user experience and makes people hate a program. That is why high-quality software cannot be made using Java (or equivalent systems like .Net).

Comment In The Unix World (Score 1) 277

.. we have LaTeX and OpenOffice. You can run those as libraries or efficient command-line tools on a server to generate a nice-looking PDF, which the user can then print. We can also render these documents into a bitmap to send it to a web app for display.
I know M$ hates everything which is a real alternative to their technologies, but maybe you want to get out of their claws and enlighten yourself to other options. Options which are not monolithic, but an orchestration of many free, reliable and compact tools. You could start with GWT, Perl, pdf2latex, Apache, Linux.

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