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Comment Re:The price hike is minimal... (Score 1) 450

If you make widgets would you prefer them to be made available through a single reseller who then has complete control over your access to market, or would you prefer to have multiple resellers who you could then negotiate differential deals with?

And if you buy widgets, would you want to pay multiple resellers so you get a widget from one?

Comment Re:"The reason for the order was not known" (Score 2) 109

Indeed. From "More than that, the judge considers that if it is not possible to break the encryption, the service itself must be prohibited, since it does not lend itself to the enforcement of judicial decisions."

Should ban curtains (or any other window coverings) on windows too.

Comment Outsider's 2 cents (Score 1) 189

In text, most people get to the point pretty quick. I've seen too many videos where the person seems like they will never get to the point. A video I would expect to last about a minute ends up being 5 or more, and they get to the point near the end. FB is already a waste of time. This would make it even worse. Not that I care (being a non-user).

I don't use Facebook, but if I did, I would drop it if it was all video. I hate finding something is a video and not text. I just close it. With the obvious exception if I was actually looking for a video.

Do they want to change to FaceTube?

Comment Google knows more about MS products than Bing does (Score 1) 361

About a month ago the wife got a new laptop, and it had Win10. I was asked by my 5 year old to put flowers on "the screen when it goes to sleep". (Lock Screen.) So I set a picture, and wanted to see it. I looked for a "Lock" button. Didn't see one.
I have Win8.1 (setup more or less to look like XP, as I am used to that, with Classic Shell.) and have a lock button in my start menu..
Wasn't sure where the heck it was in Win10. So I typed in the search box, and got Bing search results, none of which (well, at least in the first page of results) had the answer I was looking for. I copied my search and pasted it into Google and not only did it come up with good results, it came up with instructions where to find the Lock Button I was looking for right on the search result page. I didn't have to go any further..
Google knows more about Win10 than Microsoft Bing does! What the hell? And I have a nagging feeling I have encountered stuff like that before..
I may have some issues with Google, but at least they know how to find stuff.

Comment Re:So how do we detect if we have it? (Score 2) 67

i hate the way it's always reported. i.e. when there's a worm affecting linux systems, the article always makes that clear. when there's a trojan affecting osx, it says so too. but when shit hits windows, it's suddenly computers or PCs. why don't journalists start calling things what they are? WINDOWS viruses, WINDOWS rootkits, WINDOWS backdoors, etc. It's not PCs that are infected, it's PCs running WINDOWS that are infected in 99.99% of cases.

While I tend to agree with you, I am pretty sure it was APPLE advertising that established that "PC" meant "Windows".

Comment Shocking incompetence. (Score 1) 382

While standing in line at an airport about 2 years ago, I overheard two security personnel have this exchange:

Security Person 1: Your turn to use this wand, I want to switch.
SP2: But I don't know how to use it.
SP1: Me either. I just wave it around in the air a bit. It's easy.

I have heard stories of incompetence, and I am not saying they are ALL like this, but the magnitude of this incompetence shocked me.

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