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Comment Re:This will never happen, even if I want it to. (Score 1) 273

Snowden embarrassed the Obama administration.

No. The Obama administration (and those before him) embarrassed the Obama administration. They did the wrong. They did it to themselves. I hated it when people said "Don't work so hard, you're making us look bad." No, they were the ones making them look bad. I was just doing what I was supposed to do. Snowden did what he should do, and shone a light on the wrongdoing.

He should not only be pardoned, but be apologized to. He should never have been put in the position (by government wrongdoing) that he had to do what he did.

He should be considered a hero. The little guy, standing up for what is right, despite all he had to lose.

Many fought for the constitution, and now hardly anyone with stand up for it, as it is slowly being taken away.

It seems as if the wrongdoing is not a crime; as pointing out the wrongdoing is what is being punished.

Comment Re: Should have started with old videogames. (Score 1) 64

The jewelry analogy would be like buying a diamond ring for $3000 only to find out that the diamond is artificial.

Except when you discover that the artificial diamond is identical to the "real" ones, a structure of carbon atoms.

It's far worse to discover that the $3000 "real" diamond is not worth anywhere near $3000. Just a huge marketing scam to sell one of the most common "precious stones" as if it is scarce, at hugely marked up prices.

This article is fairly long, but a good read.

Comment Windows Goodbye (Score 1) 172

"Windows Goodbye" sounds like a nice name for a Linux distro.

Windows 10 feature that will automatically lock and secure a PC when the operating system detects someone has moved away from the machine

Hopefully it isn't like those automatic toilets that flush and splash your ass when you reach for the toilet paper.

Comment Looks awful (Score 1) 265

Looks awful. Glad I am not on Win10. (Win8.1, but I did fix most of what it wrong with the UI. Boot to desktop, disable touch, and thanks "Classic Shell"!)

I despised Aero. I see no useful reason to see through stuff, and found it distracting and pointless.

I set up my Start Menu (Classic Shell) like XP's (I don't like 7's, but to each their own). XP's could be a mess on its own, but I always customized it myself, as I do now. After clicking on the "Start" button, everything I use is 1 or 2 clicks away and easily found.

I find the search box a pain. I type a few letters, stuff pops up, I go to click on what I want, but it moves out from under my cursor as more stuff pops up and I click on the wrong thing.

Wife has 10, and I despise using it.

Comment Re:I admit it, I like Windows 10. (Score 1) 265

Programmers can't seem to grasp the fact that a design can reach a pinnacle and anywhere else you go is down hill.

When your job is to make a UI, you keep working at it, making it better with each version. Eventually perhaps it is perfect. Do you quit your job? Or do you try to justify your job by continually changing it, even though it is not actually making it better? I think the latter is what is happening.

Comment Re:Why are the win buttons set so low? (Score 2) 265

Yes, let's never make any progress and just keep things the same way forever...

Yes, and in cars make the brake and gas pedal opposite. Put the steering wheel on the ceiling, and the horn button in the headrest. And the wiper controls in the trunk/boot.

It's not progress, it is change for the sake of change.

Comment Re:When will it end (Score 1) 265

Classic Shell is nice in theory, but our experience with a limited testbed roll out was that it was horribly unstable, with frequent lockups that either required restarting the shell or outright logging out and logging back in again. It's probably good enough for home users, but in an enterprise environment I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole.

Anecdotally, as a home user, I have had it for about three years on my Win8.1 machine, and it works great.

Comment Re:Can it be an all versions blu-ray? (Score 2) 304

Not sure if it's possible with blu-ray. I would like to see an all versions disc where one only has to select options in an options menu for what they want to see. Han shot first should be default but we can keep around the revisionist history for laughs.

I'll watch the Sentinel class shuttle seen, dewbacks not close up, Mos Eisley is busier, but no giant CGI ass walking across the screen blocking everything, Han shoots and Greedo doesn't he just dies, Falcon lifts off from docking bay, stormtrooper head clunk, Imps getting shot not censored, improved lightsaber effects, no matte boxes visible around ships, R2-D2 in color, no stupid ring explosion Death Star destruction, real people in ceremony not cardboard ones, and how about Chewie gets a medal version please.

Comment What they will say to one another (Score 1) 292

requiring all new vehicles to have communication technology that allows them to "talk" to each another

To each "another"?

Here's what they might say:

Car 1: Lookout, I have an idiot controlling me.
Car 2: Yeah, steer clear of me too, the fool at the wheel is on their damned phone.
Car 3: My driver is drunk again.
Car 4: My driver is texting. I say F-it! Let's get them all together and let them all crash. Darwinism at its finest.

Comment Re:That's nice and all, but (Score 4, Insightful) 83

Kenny says that what Watson is not just being used to cure cancer, "but to just recommend what you should watch next" and even to recommend âoewhat ad you you should watch next."

That's what Watson is really being used for, fucking advertising. And it didn't "cure" cancer, either.

Yes, that woman should have quietly died waiting for a human doctor to figure out what was wrong with her.

Comment Slashdot on phone (Score 1) 309

For some reason on my phone, when I click on "older", when it goes to the next page, you see the top but jump along until it gets to the bottom, and it is pointless to try to read anything until it finishes, as it will keep going regardless of attempts to read something at the top. When it is done, then I need to scroll to the top to read the newest "older" posts. PITA.

Comment That's not the worst thing broken (Score 1) 309

In the beginning, as a web page loaded, stuff jumped around and moved about as more and more arrived over our painfully slow connections. Made it pretty hard to read anything until it was done.

Then things sped up, and using "WIDTH" and "HEIGHT" attributes in image tags, and probably all sort of other innovations, it stopped happening. You could read a page and it didn't jump all over the place while it finished loading. Yay!

Well, somehow we've traveled back to the 90's, because that shit is happening all over again. Very annoying trying to read text that keeps moving. Somebody broke something.

Comment Must work for a telecom (Unlimited!!!) (Score 1) 431

"'Star In a Jar' Fusion Reactor Works, Promises Infinite Energy"

Really? Infinite energy? That sounds like more energy than there is in the entire universe, let alone on Earth.

The "fuel" used in a fusion reactor is simple hydrogen, which can be extracted from water.

And eventually we would have no water left, so still definitely not infinite.

No pesky neutrons to worry about, if the fuel is "simple hydrogen".

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