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Comment Re:enable it? funny... I did the opposite (Score 1) 141

... it was always an absolutely HORRIBLE idea. ...

For you, possibly.

But I have used the backsapce key to go back a lot. Indeed, it is present on Windows Firefox, but the Firefox that came with Debian has it disabled, and I find myself constantly hitting the backkspace key and watching nothing happen.

I agree with another comment, it should at least be configurable. That way, both you and I can be happy. :)

It may have been convenient for you, but that does not change the fact that it was a horrible idea. If you had never driven before, and built a custom car with the brake pedal and the accelerator reversed, it might work fine for you, but it would not be a good idea in general. Agree; configurability is king.

Comment Bing sucks (Score 1) 256

Wife got a new laptop, win10. Tried figuring how to do something in Win10 (was different than earlier versions). Couldn't. Did a search. Default was BING. No luck. Entered same search terms into Google, and as well as serving up relevant looking links, it gave me the answer outright. Google knows more about Win10 than BING does. WTF?!?

And Edge crashes her laptop a lot.

Comment I do not like Win10 (Score 1) 376

I have 8.1 on my machine, and out of the box it was a disastrous mess (8.0 when I started). But I have been able to fix it to my liking (uninstall all the Metro Apps, replace with real desktop software, boot to desktop, Classic Shell).

Wife's new machine came with 10. I don't like it. I don't know if I can fix it. Edge locks up her whole computer a lot. MSIE does to a certain extent too. She is always complaining about it. The first time I tried figuring something out, I did a search, and it defaulted to BING and it could not find answers. I copied the search terms and pasted it into Google, and it answered my question on the results page. I didn't have to go further. Google knows more about Windows 10 than BING does. It's pathetic. I know I would probably get used to it, but I don't want to. Every time I see the "start tile menu", I wonder why anyone would like the design.

She was trying to print something and the dialog box was too big, and the buttons were off the bottom of the screen. Not an insurmountable problem, but she didn't know what to do. The title bar was touching the top of the screen, so can't just move it up; had to resize down, then move up. It really should never have appeared that way. This is not the dawn of the GUI. A modern OS should not have issues like that. Every website can find out from your browser what your screen resolution is, so the bloody OS should damn well know. Worse yet, the damned task bar is transparent, so she could see the PRINT button, but couldn't understand why she couldn't click on it! I hate the transparent crap, and I see no reason to have it.

Comment Re:Problem is it's analog (Score 1) 154

Perhaps you're only displaying 1920x1080 on your TV, but you could pan your view smoothly over a grid 4 times the width and height of your TV.

While that is a possible application, I don't really think it is a good idea. Much like those 360 degree* videos, while kind of cool, they always make me wonder if I am looking in the right direction. When I look over here, what am I missing over there?

* /. filtered out my degree symbol

Comment Re:Not even half as much as Windows 7 (Score 1) 272

Many Windows users really did not like the user interface choices that MS made in Windows 8 and stuck with their preferred interface.

They not only dropped the ball on Windows 8, they fell on it and burst it. Horrible interface out of the box. Who wants their desktop/laptop to be a tablet/phone? (The same people who want "convergence" in the bathroom? Toilet/sink all in one device!!)

The Win8 to 8.1rev1 fiasco also sucked. Had to revert to Win8 and then get Win8.1rev2 (or "Win8.1 Update" or something confusing like that). Fumble!

I'm pretty happy with Win8.1 now. I have tweaked away most of the annoying bits. Disabled the touchscreeen, boots to desktop, uses Classic Shell. Looks mostly like my XP machine did now (Which was setup to look like Win2k). But people shouldn't have to do all that. And the annoying charms still pop up at the edge from time to time. Control panel in columns but organized horizontally like sentences instead of vertically down the columns top to bottom is annoying too. (I think they may have done that in 7 too, not sure, never used it much.)

I'm sticking with 8.1. They can shove 10. (They pushed it to me twice without my permission.)

Comment Chip and Pin (Score 1) 675

We've had them a long time in Canada, but when I used to have "swipe and sign" cards, I never really understood the signature verification. Cashiers are not handwriting analysts, and rarely asked to see the signature anyway. With letters that stick up and down in my signature, I could never properly sign the back of my card, so it won't look the same as what I sign on a slip of paper. Nor will it match a signature on an screen with an electronic pen/stylus the size of a hot dog. And the ones that say "stay inside the box"? Takes me a few tries to do that, and definitely will not look right.

Where I hate the Chip/Pin combo is at gas stations. Standing in the intense heat or intense cold (depending on time of year) waiting for the damn thing to process is aggravating. Often takes longer than the process of pumping the gas. I avoid these places like the plague, and go to ones that allow an insert and removal (mag swipe) and you are good to go in about 5 seconds. (And visit the USA? Gas stations want the ZIP code associated with the card, which for me there is none. It doesn't do postal codes. Doh!)

As for security, I know mag stripe can be cloned, but have also heard of some issues with chip as well. Now in the last few years, "tap" has come along, and it is very fast, not sure about the secure part though.

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