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Comment Apple IIe (Score 2) 857

Having learned some BASIC on II's and II+'s at school in Jr. High, the family bought a IIe for home before high school. I forget if we had one floppy drive or two. 128K RAM. Black and white monitor - but it could be hooked up to the TV for color.

I'd hack Ultima III save files to give my character better gear/stats - and the mapfiles to change the map contents.

The programming experiment I remember best was doing mandelbrot on the printer. I ran it over night and got about one really poor line of output before giving up on it.

Comment Re:What the hell do containers even do? (Score 1) 31

You ought to spend a couple of hours with docker.

# base system is Ubuntu 16.04
FROM ubuntu:16.04

# use /my/app to build
WORKDIR /my/app

# copy this directory (and all subs)
COPY . .

# Build my project (inside the container)
RUN ./configure
RUN make
RUN ...

# Run my app on container start
CMD "./bin/my_app"

docker built -t my_app_container .
docker run my_app_container

What you will end up with is a container that has ubuntu 16.04 running your built application. And it will ONLY be running your application. Nothing else. If you
docker exec -it {running_container} bash
you will get a bash shell in your running container. It will be running two processes - your app and the bash shell.

So, yeah, it's kinda locked to the OS you specify - but you can change it up (https://www.brianchristner.io/docker-image-base-os-size-comparison/).

At some point I'm curious how containers aren't just basically a method of obtaining what amounts to a statically linked binary with FS jails and networking baked into the container host.

I can run a container on any OS that hosts docker.

By dockerifying my project, I can tell any developer that they need to follow 4 steps to be up and developing:
1. Install docker
2. Check out the project
3. Build the container (docker command)
4. Run the container (docker command)

And that's it. They can use whatever editor they want on their system. They can use whatever OS they want that hosts docker. And when it's time to deploy we use the same container they are using to do development. It removes all the tricky shit about getting environments right and mysteries about deployment. And it tosses developer's favorite OS question out the window. It's kind of magical.

Comment The more things change... (Score 1) 40

The more I love dvd.netflix.com. The streaming service continues to be semi-lame (never seems to have what I want). And the ratings and general listing UI has done nothing but get worse for the past 10 years. But queuing up a dvd and have it arrive in a couple of days is solid. And cheap.

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