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Comment Re:Lycos part deux (Score 1) 377

Yeah I didn't think about that point. Quite possible their portfolio is where to good stuff is, and their products are just poor implementations of them. Kudos to you sir.

Comment Re:Lycos part deux (Score 1) 377

Yeah we use it to. And in the past year we've had 2 instances I can think of where McaFee updates blue screened Exchange servers. Good luck make sure you test all updates before rolling them out.

Comment Lycos part deux (Score 4, Insightful) 377

I can see it now 10 years from now, just like Lycos, "McaFee purchased for $7.7 billion in 2010, sold for $200 million in 2015 has just been sold again today for $34 million to some company in Vietnam." Seriously, has anyone personal or enterprise had good experiences with their products?

Cameron's Avatar a 3D Drug Trip? 215

bowman9991 writes "James Cameron's first movie since Titanic, his upcoming science fiction epic Avatar, has a budget pushing US$200 million and enough hype to power a mission to Mars. Now it appears the 3D technology he created to turn his vision into a reality, the key to Avatar's success or failure, may be habit forming. Dr. Mario Mendez, a behavioral neurologist at the University of California, said it is entirely possible Cameron's 3D technology could tap brain systems that are undisturbed by conventional 2D movies. Cameron himself believes 3D viewing 'is so close to a real experience that it actually triggers memory creation in a way that 2D viewing doesn't' and that stereoscopic (3D) viewing uses more neurons, which would further heighten its impact."

Comment From a Plan 9 article (Score 1) 361

Saw this in an article on Plan 9 and it pretty much applies to the Zune.

There is a lesson here for ambitious system architects: the most dangerous enemy of a better solution is an existing codebase that is just good enough.

Except the iPod and iTunes are more than 'just good enough' they're really good for most people

Always wondered why MS doesn't just come to slashdot for help. We could save them a lot of wasted time and money :)

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