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Comment Re:People say "custom-made" like it's a bad thing (Score 2) 474

Having worked on similarly ancient high power devices. It's not just changing a single thyristor. At these power levels everything has to be critically matched and tuned. Get it wrong and the instant you draw any significant power it goes bang.

Also, that will be part of a bank of similar units which also have to have pretty similar characteristics or one will take all the load, and guess what? Bang!

So if you can't get or manufacture an exact replacement you'd have to replace the entire drive module.

Comment Store nothing (Score 2) 324

The parent organisation should maintain a networked data store that all it's reporters have a write only password for.
Data is then sent via ssl. No other encryption software of any kind on the laptop.
Absolute minimum of services and a tiny hard drive, with no swap file/partition.
Reporters should only use a plain, single view, text editor that doesn't store parts of a working document to file, and can be made to direct send the data without ever touching the hard drive.

Comment So many negative comments (Score 1, Insightful) 368

... says a lot about the posters, and nothing about the OS. Personally I think coders should be obliged to write at least one significant project entirely in assembler before being allowed anywhere near high level languages. You pretty quickly lean to program defensively when just the slightest error results in total melt-down.

I bet this OS doesn't have any buffer overrun issues!

Comment I must be doing something wrong (Score 1) 269

I'm still using my iRiver H320. It works perfectly, has plenty of space on the mini HD and I was able to replace the battery about a year ago.

Nice physical buttons that can be navigated without looking.
Standard 3.5mm plugs.
Presents as mass storage on USB.
Handles mp3, Ogg-Vorbis, Flac, Wav and some vid formats (can't remeber which - never use them)

Comment Meh! (Score 1) 197

Seems people are more interested in the tech than the actual content. If I'm listeing to speech my attention is on what the speaker is saying, not where in the room they appear to be. If it's music, I'm more interested in hearing all the instruments and the dynamics than any positioning that I wouldn't know about anyway.

If you have visual cues then this positioning information will be more effective than playing with sound phase relationships etc. If you don't have such cues then does it matter at all?

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